What should I be studying ? GIS system an all ?

Question by .: What should I be studying ? GIS system an all ?
I am going to do one of my university subjects during summer school in order to take of the load in semester one. The subject I will be doing is Geography. This is what the outline says:

Introduction to space-modifying technologies such as GIS, transport and communications, and their historical significance. Practical exposure to current digital technologies through laboratories, texting and web interaction and an introduction to the social impact of the technologies through media such as cyberspace, cellular phones and location based systems. Critical perspectives on new technologies and space, and the representation of such technologies in popular and academic writing.

I want to prepare for this subject before actualy starting summer school. Any advice on where i should start and what i should be focusing on?

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You might want to look at different websites that are “anti-technology” such as http://wiredchild.org/ and books about the effects that technology has on society like “Bowling alone”
If you look on amazon you might see related books that are good to read

For the more “science” part you’ll want to just look on youtube and see how satellites work (and GPS) as well as other technologies. Howstuffworks.com is pretty good as well. It seems to be looking at how technologies work and what effects they have on people.

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