What do I need? (Wireless Router etc.) 10 pts. asap!!?

Question by Cujo: What do I need? (Wireless Router etc.) 10 pts. asap!!?
Needing to get internet on my computer which is in two rooms over from the other computer. I don’t know much about wireless routers and I need to know just what I need. My computer is a HP pavilion desktop. Very fast where as the other computer is simply a dell and is a pretty slow. I need to pick up internet from the dell.

I was looking to buy a Netgear N150 wireless router for my computer but then the description said ‘2.4GHz 802.11n draft 2.0 adapter, 802.11b/g wireless adapter or Ethernet adapter and cable for each computer’ so what does that mean exactly?

Also the technician said I would need some type of wireless access card but my boyfriend said that some computers come with the ability to pick up wireless internet if you have the wireless router..

So…what do I need to make this work?


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Answer by kim
you need the router to emit the signal from your internet connection and a wireless net work adapter to pick up the signal

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  1. Joshua T says:

    802.11n draft and 802.11b/g are different versions of a wireless technology (“WiFi”, if you want to know). Don’t really need to worry about it. Almost all modern wireless adapters (you call them wireless access cards, I call them wireless adapters) can use the wireless technologies that this router is equipped with.

    Your boyfriend is right in that some computers (especially modern ones) come with the ability to pick up wireless internet. This is because such computers have a wireless access card already built into them. However, you should check if that’s the case with your own computers (contact whoever you bought your computers from). Usually only laptops have built-in wireless access cards.

    If your computer DOESN’T have a wireless card built in already, you need to buy a “wireless adapter”. Wireless adapters usually plug into a USB port, although some wireless adapters use an “ExpressCard” slot (ExpressCard slots only exist in some laptops, check if your laptop has one before you consider buying a wireless adapter that uses ExpressCard; desktops do not have ExpressCard slots at all).

    There are also some wireless adapters that use a “PCI Express” slot (unrelated to ExpressCard). Laptops do not have accessible PCI Express slots, and they may be difficult to install into desktops at your skill level.

    Once you buy a wireless adapter, search the packaging for some sort of Install CD. Wireless adapters need special software called “drivers” to allow the computer to use them. These drivers are found on your Install CD. When you insert your CD into your computer, there should be a little window that pops up, asking you if you want to run Autorun or do other stuff with the CD. Just select the Autorun option (whichever option contains the word “autorun”). Just follow the prompts from there, and if you have problems, contact the manufacturer’s helpdesk.