what are some affordable tips about disney world?

Question by Mo: what are some affordable tips about disney world?

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Answer by jim m
ok ,keep your money in your pocket

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  1. commonsense says:

    Here’s some stuff I’ve found useful and which has gotten the A+ rating from others who’ve gone to Disney.

    http://www.amazon.com/Unofficial-Guide-Walt-Disney-World/dp/0764583417 This book is updated every year and is absolutely the one “must have” of all of these suggestions. Everyone I know swears by it. This guy actually has people stationed at Disney during all times of the year to watch traffic patterns of rides. Essentially, the states that we all have natural patterns about where to go when we enter a park and that if you break from the majority’s natural patterns, you’ll hit the rides before the lines get long and always stay ahead of the “herd”. My buddy at work said he and his wife were skeptical, but that they followed the timings and it worked. The website they maintain is http://www.touringplans.com. They have a lot of tips there too.
    http://www.allearsnet.com/tp/themeparks.htm This site is pretty good with lots of details, but it takes you a while to understand all of the info – they tend to talk to you as if you are a Disney World professional and know a lot of the terms already…
    http://www.guide2wdw.com/ Couple of good things here – especially in the “Tips and Sneaky Tricks” area.
    http://www.wdisneyw.co.uk/ This is really aimed at UK travelers, but has some interesting things in the “planning” and “choosing a resort” area that helps you plan.
    http://www.mouseplanet.com/index.php This is geared towards the people that have summer passes to Disney or are planning a trip for sometime in the future and don’t already have a particular time in mind. There are daily updates here on specials and announcements from Disney, so it’s a good place to go even while you’re down there.
    http://www.frommers.com/articles/3843.html This is a podcast from Frommers that gives you a condensed version of the lessons in the book in number 1 above.

  2. Chaza Pender says:

    At the end of main street twords the castle there is a hot dog place with a baseball theme, If you are hungry get a large ff. They are served in a cup like a 44 oz cup and there is a condoment bar in the resturant, it has cheese sauce, chili, jalp. peppers, onions, salsa….ext. Split it, it may be 3.00 but its really filling and fun to dress yourself

  3. jolo says:

    this is a good one: dont go

  4. Big C says:

    -Eat Breakfast in your Room & bring some little snacks to the parks
    -Bring a water bottle and refill it (if you can stand the taste of Orlando water. I can’t. Yech.)
    -Stay off property (we recently got a hotwire hotel for $ 33 per night.)
    -Make a good packing list so that you don’t need to pick stuff up while you’re there. Even Walgreens is more expensive for a lot of basics. For example, be sure to pack a jacket or sweatshirt for inclimate weather so you don’t have to pay premium prices if you need one
    -Check out http://www.mousesavers.com for free stuff to do and discounts. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter
    -Check out http://www.disboards.com. They have great touring advice and a wonderful budget board.
    -TAKE A NAP EVERY DAY. It will save tears, frustration, tantrums and might help the kids, too. It saves money because you aren’t shelling out for more sugar to keep you up and moving.

  5. techy2k2 says:

    The best way to get the most for your money is to book a full Disney Vacation Package. All your expenses are combined into a single price, you can also add the Disney Dining Plan to cover all your meals. Here are some of the benefits you get for booking with Disney:

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    Have Fun!

  6. annabelle says:

    snacks for your room, refillable water bottles, use the busses provided if you are staying at a resort, shop around for souvineirs- some places will be cheaper, thats about all I can offer.

  7. Robin says:

    Food is one of big money makers in theme parks. Pack as many snacks as you can to bring with you. If we stay at a hotel with a free breakfast, we eat there, then take with us a few extra boxes of cereal, some fruit and whatever else we can! We bring several bottles of water. Freeze a couple of them if you can… they’ll keep the other stuff cold, and will melt back to water by the time you need it. REFILL your water bottles. You can always ask a concession person for a glass of ice if you need to.

    LEAVE the park for your main meals. They’re open late enough that you can leave, go into town for lunch and then come back. If you don’t want to leave, then split your meal with someone else in your group. It’ll save you some big bucks.

    I agree with whoever mentioned being prepared… bring a sweatshirt or light jacket with you. Bring a change of clothes if you can. Don’t forget your sunscreen, camera, film or extra batteries for your camera… those are all marked WAY WAY WAY up at Disney. AND make sure to take advantage of park employees. They are actually trained to stop and take your picture if you ask them!!! So use that to your advantage!!!

    I wouldn’t, however, purchase your Disney brand souvineers outside the park. There are too many stupid places around here that advertize “3 Disney Shirts for $ 10″ but they’re crap. My sister bought some once, and they fell apart in the wash the first time they were put through. Find something you really really really want at Disney and splurge. You’re on vacation!

    Above all… HAVE FUN!!!

  8. bridget says:

    get the unofficial guide to disney world off amazon or in a chain bookstore. they have plans for the day and give you tips on how to save money. its nice to have one in the bathroom for a while before the trip so you can read up.