Q&A: How should I try the $20 dollar trick?

Question by Ms. Keller: How should I try the dollar trick?
We booked a prestige luxury suite at Palazzo, then through their “suite-est rate” program got it upgraded to a prestige luxury view suite. Do you think I should ask for a complimentary upgrade or a complimentary upgrade to prestige fortuna view suite?
Does that seem out of the question? It’s the next suite up with a king size bed.

Let me know what you think. Also this trip is for my 21st birthday (2 weeks after)

Also, should I stick to $ 20? Maybe $ 50 or $ 100?

Please only answer if you know about this trick and hopefully have experience
I have read online where upgrades have been done. It is unnecessary to provide answers stating that it can only be done by managers

Best answer:

Answer by Bob Urs
From what I’ve heard from the Palazzo, it’s hard to get a fortuna suite. But depending on how many days you’re going for, I’d say $ 50 would be better for the Palazzo. Also, make sure you let them know this is for your birthday, they sometimes make exceptions for specials occasions. I mean worst case scenario, they say no and give you back your $ 50.

Here’s a few more accounts of the $ 20 trick.



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