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Dr Health – Food Security a Challenge Due to Funding Shortfalls
Food safety, availability and security remain complex development issues, linked to health and under-nutrition, but also to sustainable economic development, environment and trade. These challenges … These interventions not only meet people's …

MPR: Favourable Indices Build Confidence in CBN
In attendance at last week's MPC meeting were nine members including the new Deputy Governor, Financial System Stability, Mr. Adebayo Adelabu. The Committee considered major developments in both the global and domestic economies up to May 2014, …
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It takes a village to teach hope in Scammon Bay
"Kids out here are turning more to the western way of life and forgetting their traditional hunter-gatherer type of stuff, and they are at a crossroads right now," said Richard Charlie, head of maintenance at Scammon Bay School. "It's a really big …
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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Revises Medicare Advantage and
First, we believed that a 2 tiered payment system (that is, initial and renewal) would be significantly less complicated than a 3-tiered system (that is, initial, 50 percent renewal for years 2 through 6, and 25 percent residual for years 7 and …
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Businesses Leave Security Systems to the Experts
… the in-house development process, especially at code level. “It's important that all businesses, if they are going to do internal development, do security gates and evaluation phases as a project is moving through the development life cycle,” Mr …
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what is the different between “Information Science and Technology” & “Information Systems” ???

Question by wawa3_tyt: what is the different between “Information Science and Technology” & “Information Systems” ???
what is the different between “Information Science & Technology” and “Information Systems”?

Can i get futher explanation about these 2? (what kind of job can i get? which one can get a better job?…)

Best answer:

Answer by wheezer_april_4th_1966
Just a guess – there’s probably a lot of overlap between the two. However, as suggested by their names, my first impression of “IS&T” is that you’re learning how to build it, where “IS” is more about how to use what’s built.

I may be and probably am wrong (or possibly being too general).

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Thales, Alcatel-Lucent in partnership talks
"With this strategic partnership, Thales strengthens its position in cyber-security and consolidates its position as European leader in this strategic sector," said Jean-Bernard Levy, chairman and chief executive officer of Thales. "This investment …
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World Health Assembly closes
This requires sharing information on the extent of resistance and the use of antibiotics in humans and animals. … The resolution urges Member States to strengthen drug management systems, to support research to extend the lifespan of existing drugs …
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Ops, hacks and zombie armies
For those operations, he used a “zombie army” strategy, remotely controlling several Internet-connected computers without the knowledge of their owners. As he developed attack experience, Feri said that he realized that it was important to learn about …
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Educators warn of job cuts
In addition to positions, the deficit would gut a few administrative programs, according to the school board, including moving financials to a Cloud system, professional development initiatives, records retention work, employee supplements and …
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Masdar developing temporary housing to meet the needs of specific crises
And by using this tool, we can incorporate life cycle properties into the heart of temporary housing design to put sustainability at the core, so that this effort to help does not in the long term cause harm. This tool can also be used for less dire …
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what does a “computer information systems” do and how much do they get paid?

Question by Edwin M: what does a “computer information systems” do and how much do they get paid?

is there a lot of math involved like in being a computer engineer?

Best answer:

Answer by Tomasthanes
That’s the difference between “computer science” and “computer information systems”.

In “computer science” you take calculus and discrete structures so that if someone asks you whether that sort algorithm is the correct one, you can show them the mathematical proof that it is.

In “computer information systems”, you take business math so that if someone asks you whether the sort algorithm is the correct one, you shrug your shoulders and tell them that the software they need is within their departmental budget.

Most “computer science” people either end up in hardware or software development. Most “computer information systems” people end up in the data center actually running the computers. That’s where I work. The company I work for pays me a very, fair salary.

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Research and Markets: Global Healthcare Information System Market 2013
Based on delivery mode, the healthcare information system market can be classified into web based technology, on-premise technology and cloud based technology. GE Healthcare is the leading player in the hospital information system market. Other major …
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New Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Information Systems starts this fall
To serve a growing trend in the technology industry, Olympic College is offering a new online Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Information Systems starting September 2014. The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Information Systems is designed …
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