Any tips/tricks I can do with my Nikon d5100?

Question by Red: Any tips/tricks I can do with my Nikon d5100?
I’ve had this camera for maybe a year now, haven’t used it much (other than just high quality pictures) and I’ve used all the settings, but am just now getting into the MASP features. (manual, aperture, shutter, and program) What are each of them used for, how can I use them/change them, etc. I’m an amateur photographer, just taking artsy photos for my instagram (@/_redwonderland) and I really want to become more discovered. I think better and more unique pictures will help.

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Answer by JOHN
I’m not avoiding the question, try buying a ‘good photo guide’ that will explain when to use the different settings, the settings allow for different levels of control, Aperture Priority allows control of the aperture for a desired effect, Shutter Priority allows control of the Shutter speed for a desired result, Manual gives you complete control of the camera settings and program tends to give an average between the aperture and shutter settings – a ‘guide’ explains in more depth when it’s best to use the different modes and usually illustrates the ‘effect’ with an image.

Please don’t be put off, it might sound a bit complicated, it isn’t really and once you understand it, it’s great fun..!

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