George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. Procurement Office. NASA /MSFC intends to issue a Draft Request for Proposal (DRFP) to seek industry comments for the MSFC Information Technology Services (MITS) procurement pending release of a Final RFP.
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Information Technology Equities Technical Coverage — Research on Imperva
The S&P 500 Information Technology Sector Index ended the day at 603.48, up 0.81%, with the index advancing 2.30% in the previous three months. Investor-Edge has initiated coverage on the following equities: Imperva Inc. (NYSE: IMPV), Manhattan …
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What are the employment outlook for people majoring in “information system”?

Question by Fuentes: What are the employment outlook for people majoring in “information system”?
I would like to know how the future is for people who are majoring in: Business Administration emphasis in Information System. I read articles online and on the paper and they all say that people majoring in information system is a bad idea. Mostly because they don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it is or what kind of work they do.

There’s one article that says that people with a bachelor’s in Information System have a 13% unemployment rate and that number will go higher in the future. I want your opinion and honesty of how the outlook for people with that degree is. Is there job security in the near future (2-3 years from now) or should it be recommended that people should major in something else. If people continue to pursue with that degree how would an undergrad or recent graduate get an internship? Please be honest (brutally honest), I might be influenced with what you say.

Best answer:

Answer by Richard L
I majored in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and there are a variety of directions that you can go with this career. If the 13% unemployment rate number is correct that is not bad considering the actual US employment rate is probably approaching a real number of almost 20%.

If you like Technology then this is a good degree. If you are not sure what the degree is about you need to research that before you pour money and time into getting this degree. I’ve given you a list of jobs that would be possibilities for a CIS (or eqivalent degree) graduate.

Computer Technician – Works on computer hardware at user location or in service center. (entry level IT Job)
Service Center Coordinator – Schedules the repair of user community computers, orders spare parts, schedules staff, establishes priorities, maintains loaner laptops and non-US laptops for travel outside of US.
Help Desk Staff – answer questions and resolve problems for the user community. (entry level IT Job – Tier 1 support)
Storage Administrator – in charge of mass storage servers and devices.
Network Administrator – Works on routers, switches, hubs, cables, load balancers and all the other hardware that handles LAN and WAN network traffic. Also, may be responsible for IP phone service.
Systems Administrator or Systems Engineer- Works with servers, laptops and desktop computers to keep them free of problems and secure the data they contain. Responsible for Security group creation and memberships, server patching, anti-virus protection updates, password changes and any automated mechanisms that make these changes. These positions may be divided into server and desktop teams. Tier 2 support.
Enterprise Administrator – Handles Enterprise support and design issues. Tier 3 support.
Active Directory Administrator – Designs and administers Active Directory infrastructure, AD policies, access permissions, roles, group policies, separation of duties.
Exchange and Messaging Administrator – maintains mail systems servers, other mail related devices and the company messaging infrastructure.
Backup Administrator – Maintains backup devices and determines backup strategies so data that was deleted accidentally or intentionally can be recovered. Design and control how and when data is backed up, where the backups are stored and how long the backups are retained. They will test to be sure backups are valid and usable.
Disaster Recovery Specialist – Plans for disaster events so the company data and infrastructure can be brought back online as quickly as possible after a fire, flood, earthquake, terrorism or other disaster event. Plans for failover of services to alternate locations, if the primary location is not available.
Database Administrator – Maintains the company databases which may include customer and sales records, billing information, inventory and other data.
Computing Security Specialist – A company’s biggest asset is its data and the Computing Security Specialist will work to try to keep that data protected from loss. They may be dealing with and defending against viruses, hoaxes, malware, keyloggers, phishing attacks, internal attacks and domestic and foreign intrusion. Develops monitoring and interception systems, filters and strategies and works with appropriate government agencies.
Ethical Hacker – performs intrusion and vulnerability testing of systems. Works with Computing Security to insure intrusion prevention systems are working correctly.
Corporate IT Acquisition Specialist – Works with acquired outside companies to establish migration into the corporate computing infrastructure.
Data Center Administrator – Maintains the data center facilities where the company’s servers and other devices reside. They are responsible for physical security and may review badge reader and camera information to be sure that only individuals with proper access are getting close to the company’s servers and other critical devices. Also, maintain backup power devices (UPS or generators).

In a small business the list of jobs above might be performed by one or two people doing all these jobs. In a large Enterprise environment this could be hundreds of people.

Best wishes!

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Bell Labs offers $100000 prize for game-changing information technology

Bell Labs offers 0000 prize for game-changing information technology
One of the iconic research facilities in the world – Bell Labs — today said it would offer $ 100,00 in prizes for researchers that have innovative ideas that can alter the information and communications technology field by a factor of 10. If that …
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China Plans Security Checks for Tech Firms After US Indictments
The agency, the State Internet Information Office, said the Chinese government would establish new procedures to assess potential security problems with Internet technology and services used by sectors “related to national security and the public …
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St. Mary's University Hires Vice President for Information Technology and
St. Mary's University has hired Curtis White as its first Vice President for Information Technology and Library Services. He started May 13, 2014. White has been the Vice President of Information Technology at Ashland University in Ohio since 2003 …
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Three questions about OS and “current development of new information technologies”?

Question by majetn: Three questions about OS and “current development of new information technologies”?
Where is the operating system located?
I. It is stored on the hard disk
II. It is stored in ROM
III. It is part of an integrated application package
A. I only
B. I and II
C. II and III
D. I, II and III

What is the name of the process which loads the operating system into the computer and stores it in the main memory?
A. Initialising
B. Formatting
C. Booting
D. Processing


Which trend does not describe the current development of new information technologies?
B. Faster, cheaper, more powerful hardware
C. The merging of existing technologies to create new technologies

Best answer:

Answer by no1home2day
Yes, the operating system is, in deed, located on the computer.

Yes, there is, in fact, a process that loads the operating system into the computer and stores it in the main memory.

The last question is “E) None of the above”

If this is for a homework assignment (and it look suspiciously like it is), then please don’t have other people do your homework FOR you – what do YOU learn by copying someone else’s answers? That’s called “cheating”, and when I was in college, it was grounds for dismissal!

But what if someone DOES answer your questions, then if a similar question is on a test, and you’re not able to ask your questions here in Yahoo, what will you do?

I think it’s best you study, do the research yourself, and actually learn something. Nobody gets a free pass, and if you got a job and treated your job the same way, you won’t have that job for too very long.

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Latest ‘information Technology News

State: Broome needs better control over information technology
Auditors examined the county's information technology controls from Jan. 1, 2012, and Aug. 20, 2013, and found the county had no policy for notifying residents if their personal information was taken by someone without authorization. Also, auditors …
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Coverage of Information Technology Equities — Research on Mastercard, Visa
The S&P 500 Information Technology Sector Index ended the day at 604.14, up 0.11%, with the index advancing 2.41% in the previous three months. Investor-Edge has initiated coverage on the following equities: Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA) , Visa …
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Information technology: Forgotten prophet of the Internet
The Internet is considered a key achievement of the computer age. But as former New York Times staffer Alex Wright shows in the meticulously researched Cataloging the World, the concept predates digital technology. In the late nineteenth century …

Q&A: Where can I find information about “document development life cycle?”?

Question by PDN: Where can I find information about “document development life cycle?”?

Best answer:

Answer by Norm

DDLC(document development life cycle),is the procedure which is followed while creating or developing any document.

Here are the steps required in DDLC –
1.Design toc based on,system requirement specification
2.Interview SME’S,peers,software professional
3.Develop table of content based on step2
4.Complete 25%
5.Review with sme’s
6.Complete 75%
7.Review with sme’s
8.Complete 100%
9.Review and submit

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Q&A: A cop “put my information in the system”?

Question by Jacob R: A cop “put my information in the system”?
Last night, me and my girlfriend…werent doing the right thinkgs in her car. A cop tapped on our window and we got a verbal warning, but he took her liscense and “put her information in the system, but then gave it back and told us to go home. Whats does it mean when he put her information “in the system”?

Best answer:

Answer by MY X-RAY GIVES THE FINGER! (sus)
he ran her license through the computer to see if she has any arrest warrants.

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Clinical Information Systems Plan

More info: Blog: Twitter: Facebook fan page: eHealthweek2010 (
Video Rating: 1 / 5 Advisory Board Fellowship Practicum Initiative Scott MacLean, MBA, Partners Healthcare…

what is the different between “Information Science and Technology” & “Information Systems” ???

Question by wawa3_tyt: what is the different between “Information Science and Technology” & “Information Systems” ???
what is the different between “Information Science & Technology” and “Information Systems”?

Can i get futher explanation about these 2? (what kind of job can i get? which one can get a better job?…)

Best answer:

Answer by wheezer_april_4th_1966
Just a guess – there’s probably a lot of overlap between the two. However, as suggested by their names, my first impression of “IS&T” is that you’re learning how to build it, where “IS” is more about how to use what’s built.

I may be and probably am wrong (or possibly being too general).

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iSchool Ranked #1 for Online Computer Information Technology Programs for

iSchool Ranked #1 for Online Computer Information Technology Programs for
The School of Information Studies (iSchool) was ranked No. 1 in best online graduate degree programs in computer information technology for veterans by U.S. News & World Report. The full rankings are available on the U.S. News & World Report website, …
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Health information technology program will be discussed in Port Huron June 12
PORT HURON — Two information sessions are planned at St. Clair County Community College in Port Huron for students interested in SC4's health information technology program. ———————————————————————. You …
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Another top state informationtechnology official, Steve Powell, resigns in
Yet another top state information-technology manager, Steve Powell, has submitted his resignation in the wake of the Cover Oregon health insurance exchange debacle. Powell, whose resignation takes effect June 5, was the top deputy to Carolyn Lawson, …
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