I want to be a game tester…how do i start?

Question by jacob g: I want to be a game tester…how do i start?
I hear all the time about people being payed to be game testers,and I was wondering if anyone has ANY info or advice on how to get started and get the best i can out of it.Thanks :)

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Answer by Vault Boy
For many, there’s nothing better than the thought of getting paid to play video games for eight hours a day. If you are passionate about video games, then becoming a tester is your dream job. However, video game testing if an extremely small profession and breaking into the industry can be difficult. The steps below can help you in your efforts towards becoming a video game tester.

Step 1

Make contacts with game developers. Testing jobs don’t usually show up in the classifieds section of your local news papers. Developers often give the jobs to people that actively seek them out and have proven experience.
Step 2

Explain your level of gaming experience. Mention in your resume how many consoles you own, how many games you play, what types of games you play and how many hours a day you play. You want to prove you’re passionate about video games.
Step 3

Talk about how you want to improve the quality of video games. Start by discussing the role of the tester and how important it is to the development of video games.
Step 4

Prepare examples of your gaming method and how you’re able to understand the differences between mistakes and glitches while you’re playing. Show your analytical skills by talking about games you currently have and describe some of the glitches or errors you may have come across.
Step 5

Search for jobs using the keywords “quality assurance.” Many of the smaller game developers don’t employ in-house testers and instead farm the work out to testing firms. These firms don’t advertise under “video game tester wanted”–that would generate too many applications from unqualified individuals looking to get paid simply for playing video games. Game companies are looking for analytical people who can operate software and report on any errors or problems with the software.
Step 6

Report glitches or errors. If you spot an error the producer missed in a video game, report it. Let them know what the error is, how it affects the game play and, if possible, solutions to fix the problem. This could help you generate a contact within that studio that can help get your foot in the door.
Step 7

Keep sending out resumes. Game developers produce thousands of video games every year from the major console titles to mini browser games. Keep sending your resume to every producer possible, whether or not they are currently looking for testers.

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Is there an actual college course in Game Testing?

Question by SX QX7: Is there an actual college course in Game Testing?
I want to apply for online college for atleast 1 month but i need to know if there’s a course for gametesting soo i can have alittle experience under my belt and if not,ill just do music. IF there is a course can somebody direct me? if not then it’s understandable

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Answer by eri
I really doubt it. Certainly no accredited college offers that, but probably some for-profit would love to take your money to teach you that. But game testers don’t really need any experience. It’s not typically something that pays more than minimum wage, and it’s pretty mind-numbing.

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