Q&A: what is “system analysis and design”? define it.?

Question by cyra: what is “system analysis and design”? define it.?
is there anyone who knows the meaning of system analysis and design? please help me.. i can’t find it in the internet.. thanks!!

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Answer by Chief02
This is part of the System Development Life Cycle. The analysis phase comes after the Planning phase. (Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation) System Analysis is the process of studying and understanding the current system in place, then coming up with the documents and ideas of the new system. Design includes the actual building of the new system.
Google, “system development life cycle” and you will be able to research.

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The web design software “Dreamweaver”…can you create just about any commercial website with that?

Question by Dan: The web design software “Dreamweaver”…can you create just about any commercial website with that?
Is there anyone who has used this software that found it hard to create certain areas of web pages (ie membership signup areas)

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Answer by Nigel A
It can create any kind of site you want. It’s not a website creator- it a tool used to create websites.

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t shirt design software?

Question by Chris Mendez: t shirt design software?
i wanna start my first t shirt business and i been searching online for a software that will let me design my own ideas and pictures but no luck so i wanna know if any of u know a software that is made to design t shirts so help me out

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Answer by Brandon
Depending on what (how) you want to design… Photoshop is probably the best way to go. Of course, if you aren’t just scanning in images to trace and implement into the canvas, get some type of vector graphics software to actually draw out the design—-Adobe Illustrator — Which will work perfectly with Adobe Photoshop.

There isn’t really a designated software for specifically “T-Shirt Design”, but Illustrator and Photoshop are probably your best bet. Use Illustrator to design your own ideas and pictures. Photoshop to edit and finalize for production.

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Define “Graphic Design”?

Question by Arsalan K: Define “Graphic Design”?
What is graphic design???
Is comuter must for graphic design???
What is the meaning of the word “Graphic”?????

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Answer by Lucy
graphic design is using photoshop or other adobe image program to create newsletters, business cards, business logos, etc.

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