Learn Android Development Online – Part 1

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Q&A: Android, Allow mock locations?

Question by Marvin: Android, Allow mock locations?
In my Droid settings, under “Development” (app development), there is a box I can either check or uncheck and next to the box is “allow mock locations”… would someone please explain in short what this option is for or what it does and how I may benefit from using it?

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Answer by R T
Many Android apps use the phone’s location. If you are writing (developing) your own app and testing it, you likely would like to try different locations to test that your app works as expected. This option allows you to feed your apps different location information without actually traveling to that location.

If you don’t test apps, then it’s not really all that useful to you.

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Any good book for learning android when you know java?

Question by Andi: Any good book for learning android when you know java?
Pretty much the title says it all
i would like to learn android by a book if its possible ,but all the book i have read begins with the basic of java.
I already know some java ,variables ,loops,class ,objects, inheritance,e little about thread exceptions and database and some gui
so i would like to have a book that assumes you already know some intermediate java
do you know any?
thanks in advance and have a nice day :)

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Answer by exean
android apps are written in java… if you know java you can write android apps.

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