Software Testing Introduction

For QTP Videos visit: Manual Testing Introduction video, It explains leaning objectives for soft…
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Useful Tips to know about Software Testing Jobs Commons ways to locate software testing job openings are job websites, company web sites, social media websit…
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  1. Amarpreet Singh says:


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  3. Mahith Reddy says:

    I want to learn Agile Model in detail, Provide SDLC Agile development Video

  4. Hizabolhaa says:

    Very good explanation , also your accent is funny. Please keep your work

  5. Nara Simha Rao ulavapadu says:

    Nice introduction on Software Testing Introduction, provide more
    information on every topic, especially on Test Case Writing and Defect
    Reporting and Tracking. Add give information on Test estimations also.

  6. Anu Anitha says:

    Very Good… Intresting & Easy to learn

  7. ilabala says:

    Really good. I am interested to learn testing. Where you are located.

  8. Adejumo Yusuf says:

    Great Video

  9. Sri Vidya says:

    great video

  10. Srinivas MummaReddy says:

    Very nice Introduction on Software Testing, useful for Beginners as well as
    experienced Software Testers.

  11. Anji K says:

    Good Video for introduction for Manual Testing.

  12. Srikant Potnuri says:


  13. Inder P Singh says:

    Great places to know about good software testing job opportunities!

  14. Annalishea Perez says:

    do you have a test that explains Valid and Invalid equivalences

  15. Madhavi Sunkara says:

    Thank you!!…Very informative

  16. Arun Kumar says:

    Hi Inder,

    I found your videos very interesting iam looking for software testing job
    iam from banking operations can you please help me out to find an complete
    video on software testing so that i can prepare and attend software testing
    One again thanks for your support and help..

  17. hetal trivedi says:

    thank u so much for lot of info. brilliant video….

  18. Annalishea Perez says:

    Im training to be a QA Tester need some tips and a better understanding

  19. arvind Singh says:

    Thanks Inder.. may i know where r u working? I am having 8 years experience
    in manual testing but these days not working. If you can help me out,
    please mail me at