Q&A: Software Engineering or Business Administration?

Question by Bibi: Software Engineering or Business Administration?
Which one is better as a career out there?

I’m a female, by the way. Software E. sounds more like a guy’s job, but the money is so good I want to go for it.

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Answer by cheri h
software engineering

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Software Engineering or Business Administration?”
  1. The new Yukito Wanijima™ says:

    Software Engineering.

    Where do you live?
    50 years ago? D;
    A women can do whatever she wants!!
    Plus that sounds fun.. <3

  2. Mix M says:

    If you like Software Engineering go for it..everything is possible. Good Luck

  3. astyrrian says:

    I’m a software engineer myself. Here are the things I like about that job: low stress levels, privacy, sense of accomplishment when I see my software working, good $ $ , and good challenging problems to solve.

    There are some disadvantages though of software engineering. You spend more than 8 hours a day in a computer screen. This can piss off extroverted people, who would rather be talking to people. This does not piss me off though because I’m introverted. Also, a computer science or software engineering degree is tougher and requires more dedication and sacrifice than a business degree. This is because sometimes long hours are required to get the program done right and working. But in my opinion, it is well worth the effort.

    I’m still pissed off that I missed out on many college partying opportunities, but I love my job and it pays well. I still haven’t even gotten laid yet, sometimes I lose it over that fact. I swear I’ll strangle the people who made the movie, “40 year old virgin” one of these days.

    Anyway, I forgot to mention the software field is less competitive than the business field because there are tons of people doing business degrees since it is an easy major. However, you should really make sure that you will like the job most of all. I recommend you read “Professional Software Development” by Steve McConnell. That gives the best introduction to software engineering in my view. Because software engineering is not for everyone.

    By the way, don’t turn down software engineering just because mostly guys do it. Because females can do it just as good.

    Good luck and I hope you go into software, we need more of them!

  4. maryfnorton says:

    I choose ‘ Business Administration ‘.