Q&A: List various stages of System Development Life Cycle?

Question by pj B: List various stages of System Development Life Cycle?

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*Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) adheres to important phases that are essential for developers, such as planning, analysis, design, and implementation, and are explained in the section below. There are several Systems Development Life Cycle Models in existence. The oldest model, that was originally regarded as “the Systems Development Life Cycle” is the waterfall model: a sequence of stages in which the output of each stage becomes the input for the next.

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-In Royce’s original waterfall model, the following phases are followed in order:

1. Requirements specification
2. Design
3. Construction (AKA implementation or coding)
4. Integration
5. Testing and debugging (AKA Validation)
6. Installation
7. Maintenance

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  1. Dj says:

    System development life cycle

    6.Updating(maintenance) 80% of time of the work is spent on it.

    1.Eliciting => finding user requirements through different means

    2. Planning => of what is input(added) in your in your system; what is needed to add. And what you want as the output (outcome of your work.)

    3. drafting => analyzing (checking if your planing is correct or can be improved.

    Check = verify which prevent gigo (garbage in / garbage out)

    4.Producing = designing

    5. testing= checking the system

    6.Updating = making system changes (system maintenance)
    maintaining the system if there are new laws(legislation) to suit these new laws.

    Maintaining the system to make changes to improve it by adding new features ,expanding it etc…
    Planing, designing and testing = Implementation