Q&A: I want to program java and ios apps?

Question by Chris: I want to program java and ios apps?
Can anyone tell me all the info i need and anything i need to download what languages i’ll have to learn,etc. thanks(:

Oh also i’m 14

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Answer by Augustus
I am pretty sure I answered you last question on java, stop spamming the same question and just wait to see when people answer and since I answered your last one on java you may aswell go and read it.

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  1. Noja199 says:

    Hey Chris, i’m 14 as well. Anyway i am desperate to learn programming langauges as well, soo i searched the internet and came across TheNewBosten. On that website they do lots of programming and math tutorials, they helped me alot. Plus i also recommend getting a book. Trust me, a book is going to help you get there, i promise.

  2. dazabas says:

    Go on iTunesU and find “iPad and iPhone Application Development” for video lectures, its not enough though and there are prerequisites.

    You’ll need to learn Objective-C to program iOS apps, this is a great book to start:

    After that move on to the Big Nerd Ranch book:

    Even after all that its not enough, you’ll just need to do some projects as you learn I suppose.