Q&A: How should I try the $20 dollar trick?

Question by Ms. Keller: How should I try the dollar trick?
We booked a prestige luxury suite at Palazzo, then through their “suite-est rate” program got it upgraded to a prestige luxury view suite. Do you think I should ask for a complimentary upgrade or a complimentary upgrade to prestige fortuna view suite?
Does that seem out of the question? It’s the next suite up with a king size bed.

Let me know what you think. Also this trip is for my 21st birthday (2 weeks after)

Also, should I stick to $ 20? Maybe $ 50 or $ 100?

Please only answer if you know about this trick and hopefully have experience
I have read online where upgrades have been done. It is unnecessary to provide answers stating that it can only be done by managers

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Answer by Bob Urs
From what I’ve heard from the Palazzo, it’s hard to get a fortuna suite. But depending on how many days you’re going for, I’d say $ 50 would be better for the Palazzo. Also, make sure you let them know this is for your birthday, they sometimes make exceptions for specials occasions. I mean worst case scenario, they say no and give you back your $ 50.

Here’s a few more accounts of the $ 20 trick.



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2 Responses to “Q&A: How should I try the $20 dollar trick?”
  1. MJM says:

    Real world tips and hints regarding “the trick” lol.

    The ‘trick’…really a tip…only works when:

    The hotel has additional larger suites to rent out on the nights of your stay, and it ‘really helps’ if they are oversold or nearly oversold in the smaller suite catagories. That means…they may have to ‘bump up’ smaller size rooms/suites into larger suites anyway…(because ‘most’ people book the cheaper rooms the most)…so, they’d rather upgrade someone who’s smart enough to tip them for the service!

    The hotel’s supervisors/managers have approved ‘bumping up’ rooms from certain room types to certain other room types.

    Also, many times they are offer ‘upgrades’ to larger suites “officially” through the various desk at lower rates than through the reservations system. i.e. If the next larger suite is $ 50 more per night they may offer it for only $ 20 more per night…some desk clerks are good about mentioning the upgrade options, many aren’t…so they may be available but you might not be told.

    *My tip* Ask the clerk if they are ‘bumping people up’ to larger suites when you are checking in…”because there’s a $ X tip in it for you if you can work it out for me”. (Bumping up, means no extra charge. If they come back with a ‘discounted offer’…the $ X tip may still be appropriate…because the supervisor/manager may have just made that deal for the sake of the clerk.

  2. banananose_89117 says:

    The trick is a lie. The only person who can give you a complimentally upgrade is the hotel manager, not the desk clerk.