Q&A: Any tips about breading my leopard geckos?

Question by CABRILLO HYNA: Any tips about breading my leopard geckos?
Its our first time breading our leopard geckos, e have done research and have everything we need to get the job done but want to know if anyone has any helpful advice or tips about the actual mating process…anyways thanx

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Answer by Khrysty
You need to be more specific about what information you’re looking for. Send me an email at random_shooting_star@yahoo.com and I can answer any questions you have ranging from general husbandry (care) of leopard geckos, to the mating process, to the husbandry of gravid (pregnant) leopard geckos, to the care of the eggs and hatchlings.

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  1. obilysk says:

    1. Sometimes the female won’t be receptive towards the male and will bite back(HARD!). Separate them if this occurs and wait a day or two and introduce them again. You are trying to time their mating attempt with the female’s ovulation, and this is when she will be most receptive too.

    2. You can try the “paper trick” if you are having an uncooperative female.
    You can view the instructions for the paper trick here = http://easttnherps.com/yak/index.php?topic=297.0

    3. After you have witnessed a successful mating attempt, or are quite sure your female is gravid(huge bulges), you should separate the male and female and give your female some peace and quite without the pestering male……………do this by removing the male. Removing the female can stress her out, and that’s the last thing you want while she is gravid.

    4. Stuff that female like a sausage! If she will accept food while she’s gravid, then offer it to her in Epic amounts! As long as she’s accepting food, don’t stop offering it……….don’t limit her food intake.

    5. Also, don’t limit her calcium intake………this is crucial! Offer her a constant dish ful of calcium in her container at all times.

    6. Make sure the egg-laying container is large enough for her to turn around and dig. About 5.5″ – 6″ in diameter is fine. Also, make the entrance hole in the top of the container….as she will kick a good amount of the substrate out if the entrance hole is on the side.

    7. Keep good record keeping. Take notes of when your geckos mated, when your gecko laid a clutch, it’s next clutch, etc. And label each clutch so you have an idea who the dame and the sire was for each clutch, when the eggs should be close to hatching, etc.

  2. VARANID says:

    got beat here. 10 points “obilysk”