Q&A: A cop “put my information in the system”?

Question by Jacob R: A cop “put my information in the system”?
Last night, me and my girlfriend…werent doing the right thinkgs in her car. A cop tapped on our window and we got a verbal warning, but he took her liscense and “put her information in the system, but then gave it back and told us to go home. Whats does it mean when he put her information “in the system”?

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Answer by MY X-RAY GIVES THE FINGER! (sus)
he ran her license through the computer to see if she has any arrest warrants.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: A cop “put my information in the system”?”
  1. Liam M says:

    I think he was BSing you. They have enough trouble keeping track of real law breakers and parolees. I doubt if such a watch list exists.

  2. englewoodsw05 says:

    He probably ran you guys through a crime computer (NCIC). He may have also written a small report so that it is documented in case you are contacted another time.

  3. rjrmpk says:

    If I understand you correctly, the police officer probably “ran” her information and may have completed a field interrogation report. “Ran” her information means he checked for wants and warrants..maybe to check her age, too. Remember, some states have laws that prohibit even consensual sex acts between minors – often called statutory rape laws – that prevent minors from being abused by adults.

    No harm to either of your “permanent records” but don’t expect leniency from the same cop in the future, especially if you “werent doing right thinkgs” in her car.

  4. JB says:

    He ran you through the computer to see if you had any warrants, or a criminal history. He then completed what is called a FIR. This stands for Field Interview Report. It simply documents who he talked to, when, and where, in case a crime is reported later they can do a computer search of people who were FIR’ed in that area and time to get the names of possible suspects or witnesses. This FIR normally stays in the computer for 90 days before being deleted as not needed information.

  5. Josh says:

    He ran you throught the computer to check for warrants and criminal history. Some departments also have a memo system that piggy-backs NCIC that allows them to make a not about what the encounter related tooso that he or other officers with the same software can see it in the future. The benefit of this memo software is that if you are caught again, the officer will see that you have already been warned before and it clearly didn’t work so it would be better to either arrest you or issue a citation. The memo, if that’s the case, probably read something like, “Live stop; (Drivers name and age) driving (vehicle color, year, make model, license plate number, vehicle owners name if different from driver) accompanied by (passengers name and age). Obserced driver and passenger engaging in (whatever you were doing). NCIC check performed; clear, issued verbal warning.”