Open Lecture by James Bach on Software Testing

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Mr. Ravi Mark, trainer at Oasis Education talks about what are the various opportunities with the Software testing industry and how students can make a caree…

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48 Responses to “Open Lecture by James Bach on Software Testing”
  1. Kedar Kulkarni says:

    So 19 developers unliked the video..burn ..!! lol 

  2. bogdan danulchenko says:

    very usefull lecture. Thanks

  3. Austin Bergstrom says:

    Just discovered this guy.

    He’s awesome.

    Open Lecture by James Bach on Software Testing

    #testing #software 

  4. PutBoy says:

    I wish he wouldn’t try and martyr himself.

  5. Mark Maglana says:

    Excellent talk on software testing. For more on James Bach’s work, see

  6. Galyna Kitsula says:

    interesting lecture…

  7. Javo Santillán says:

    I recommend you this Open Lecture, specially if you’re interested in ISTQB
    certifications, which is nothing to do with practical software testing but
    with money in consultancy…

  8. Pavel Faleev says:
  9. claudie esquivel says:

    A great lecture from James Bach, who takes a look behind the software
    testing scene. Best quotes of it “I was the one who bought books. I meet
    other peoples and they never bought books.” “Are you studying software
    testing? That’s the worst thing you could do. The persons who teach it
    don’t know anything about it. Also the ones, who writes the books.” And he
    is so right…You ever read a book about it?…I did it. Does not make a
    lot of sense…

  10. John Jan Popovic says:

    Superb presentation on incompetence and sloppines of academia

  11. Sreenath Sasikumar says:

    James Bach on Software Testing

    Highly recommended

    #Testing #SoftwareTesting #JamesBach 

  12. moofymoo says:

    ah the irony, found this by searching for “best practices on automated
    testing node.js application with coffeescript”.

  13. Sudheer Patil says:


  14. Martijn De Vrieze says:

    Quite an interesting talk from James Bach on Software Testing to a group of
    colleage students.

  15. Jack Christine says:

    This guy is awesome! Dead on about testing, and professionally pisses off a
    government certification board.

  16. Christian Hujer says:

    I disagree with two things.
    There are best practices, in medicine as well as in software development
    and in software testing. A best practice in medicine is to wash your hands.
    A best practice in software development is test driven development. James
    Bach, how about trying to find and communicate the best practice in testing?
    Regression testing is important, for that automation is important. The
    example with the Facebook test is partially invalid for that argument.
    True, an automated test, or check as you say, will not find what humans
    find. But wrong, that’s not an argument against automation. Lack of
    automation is the waste of time. Yes, test manually first. And test
    manually from time to time. But don’t regression test manually!

  17. Attila Nagy says:

    “How many tests?” is a silly and useless question, in this context. A
    better question is “How should you test this?”

  18. Aleksey Abramov says:
  19. Flyingcroc says:

    Too much side talks.

  20. rmpbklyn says:


  21. Martin Spamer says:

    Some will find this teaching you how to suck eggs, for others it will be
    radical nonsense. However when he shows the flow chart and asks the first
    question, pause the video and post your answer number here before

  22. hackus hackus says:

    All are wrong only he is right. More like a philosophical explanations
    about why did he got so frustrated.

  23. Butt Hurt says:

    I am James Bach! I don’t do anything except relentlessly promote myself and
    instantly dismiss anything that varies even minutely from my own narrow
    worldview! And incidentally have I mentioned that I am a high school
    dropout enough times?

  24. Dee Kay says:

    46:00 LOL Gaddafi died 20th October 2011.. Shortly after the upload of this
    video XD rofl

  25. Dave Schinkel says:


  26. Butt Hurt says:

    This video is neither a good advert for the company, nor a good advert for
    software testing in general

  27. Meziane Khiar says:

    Software Testing as a Career

  28. Henrique Schreiner says:

    Software Testing as a Career

  29. Abhilash Mathews says:

    Software Testing as a Career

  30. Manuel Alzurutt says:

    Software Testing as a Career

  31. calkelpdiver says:

    You speak to a classical Waterfall SDLC model. The ideal, and this has been
    in practice since mid to late 1990’s, is the Iterative/Spiral model (such
    as RUP, MSF, and Agile) where ALL members of the project team work in
    parallel and unison as a collabortive unit to get the project released.
    Thus testing begins early and plays an integral part of the process. The
    main purpose of software testing is to prove the product is ready for use.
    Be it find bugs or prove app works as desired.

  32. Dasarath Singh says:

    Excellent Video, It is very helpful information.

  33. Ripudaman Chambal says:

    Nice video….

  34. Madrid Softwaree says:

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  35. Aiwinia Temba says:

    I think this video it helps me a software design under the sun?

  36. pinku pyara says:

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  37. Sheela Mallik says:

    are u doing this courses online what is fees?

  38. Sebastian Kaczorowski says:

    So bad video. No passion, no self-confidence..

  39. Calaya Einstein says:

    Its a great video and really help full.

  40. Madrid Softwaree says:

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  41. anirban banerjee says:

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  42. John Beckett says:

    um err um, erm… wtf??? You’d send me to sleep in no time at all!

  43. calkelpdiver says:

    Whoa Whoa whoa… QA/QC are NOT components of Software Testing. You got
    that one backwards. Software Testing is a component of Quality Assurance,
    and an important one. You cannot test quality into a product. QA is
    comprised of so much more than testing alone. QA is comprised of SCM,
    Audit, IV&V, Standards & Procedures, Metrics (and not just bug counts),
    Risk Management, and Project Management (yes, it does belong here) all
    along with testing. The different pieces make up the whole.

  44. Kapil Dhingra says:

    I never knew that Software testing is more than
    debugging!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….. LOL…. Mr. Mark please don’t train students
    with such a good knowledge that you have….. I have been the field of
    Software testing for last 10 years…. but never heard this statement….

  45. fdama says:

    Software Testing as a Career….Sucks! I’ve since become a Business
    analyst. Never looked back.

  46. Luke Hero says:

    Why did it suck?

  47. pinku pyara says:

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  48. Faarhaad Rajabalee says:

    Ravi Your video is and original version,very good and helpful
    information.If I need any help, I will send you and email.Thanks mates