Must have future gadgets 2014

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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26 Responses to “Must have future gadgets 2014”
  1. Dark_Link59 says:

    Some of these won’t be out for many years so u might want to wait and save
    up more money 

  2. Lizzardman666 says:

    OMG WHO CARES! How about we start using our technology and knowledge to
    make things that could actually benefit humanity, instead of these useless
    overpriced fashion accessories?

  3. Rikardo Trevino says:

    Xbox One sucks

  4. leggo155 says:

    SpaceGlasses is better :)

  5. mohith Ganapaty says:

    The best 2st one. Im buying what ever the cost. 

  6. Zamir Laminero says:

    hi there! I’m a 3rd year college Computer Science student, I’ll be having
    my thesis next semester, can anyone here give me some ideas on what
    research to do? :) Your ideas will be much appreciated.. :)

  7. Arc Ardeus says:

    Emm sir im sorry but i come from the future and galaxy S5 has been released
    and its totaly sucks

  8. JJ official lols says:

    I come from the future and the samsung s5 is already out and it totally

  9. Soul Evanz says:

    I am gonna buy that head gear …

  10. navneet jha says:

    none of these ever came out!!!

  11. Rup Kumar says:

    bad video 

  12. Vince Bradley says:

    Lizzardman666 ,,, DID U WATCH IT? ITS ALL LIES LOL

  13. Prentice Wooden says:


  14. brandon reeves says:

    when will these be out???

  15. GEM GIGANETTV says:

    Just want to give you a technological 2014 heads up about
    Not spamming u guys …But Google GiganetTV…….

  16. enrique tan says:


  17. Laikos Tipos says:

    Spend all your hard earned cash to buy all this garbage you don’t really
    need…all about money for shit technology that fries your fuckin brains
    out with nothing to gain but to become some fuckin senile burned out idiot
    with no real pussy and all the gadgets

  18. Szymon Bil says:

    Hey, XBOX 1 should not be on this list because XBOX 1 is a tech failure

  19. Best Price 365 says:

    Wow very impressive gadgets of the year… wishing everybody could have

  20. Christara Sp says:

    Samsung galaxy s5? Go to hell! Gay toy.

  21. Aaron Moore says:


  22. RJ Gomez says:


  23. Chandra Wulandari says:

    Wow! everythink about technology

  24. Danny Munoz says:

    To expensive 

  25. Danny Munoz says:

    To expensive 

  26. Aiste Krukonyte says:

    xD lmao