Mobile App Development Tips from the CEO of Instagram

Mobile App Development Tips from the CEO of Instagram

I’m rather impressed with Instagram. Here’s yet another photo sharing app that simply with its introduction has dominated an incredibly crowded space. To get…

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11 Responses to “Mobile App Development Tips from the CEO of Instagram”
  1. Muhammad Zulkhairee says:

    some one please tell me what is kevin said..?

  2. louie says:

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  3. Marc De Chellis says:

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  4. Anthony Weiner says:

    hey kevin, thank you for this awesome interaction! i really like instagram
    a lot. now i understood your logic behind making it such a success.
    catering to details which are important but mostly neglected by developers,
    great thinking! i think you guys made a great move by turning the
    weaknesses of unsuccessful apps to be your USPs. Congratulations!

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  7. Jake Frank says:

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  8. Joe Mays says:

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  9. Anthony Hernandez says:
  10. King Khan says:

    its the same video from thenewboston !! and very old

  11. Android Cop 2014 says: