Learn Android Development Online – Part 1

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10 Responses to “Learn Android Development Online – Part 1”
  1. Huy Tran says:

    This is a very good training session video presentation…instructor is
    very knowledgeable and importantly, patient with the participants…I got a
    lot out of this and can’t wait to watch the other vids in the series.

  2. ABU Ali says:

    I need help !
    i’m trying to make a social network as twitter apps client .using eclipse
    program .. and should connect with SQLite …this is the scenario .The user
    can sign in and sign up with client from the app The home page will be
    displayed on the client after logging in The page will have the tweets and
    facility to select 1. post tweet 2. view mentions 3. view inbox and 4.
    change user The user can view followers and also the people who are
    following him. The user can search from people by name or user name. The
    user can attach his location to his tweets. finally use the program in the
    handset. I am not sure where to start. How can I accomplish this?

  3. Taibi Karim says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    Topics –
    Activity LifeCycle,
    Mainfest File,
    Supporting Multiple Screens.

  4. Jan Viktor Adora says:

    Very nice, thank you so much for sharing :)

  5. Isaac Strong says:

    no audio….

  6. Pawel Pieta says:

    yeah ! im barely keeping up :) 

  7. Arshad Ahmad says:

    Nice Presentation


    wanna try it out hw do i install adt sdk

  9. Shishir Morshed says:

    It’s excellent. Thanx

  10. Vrajesh Sukhadiya says:

    It’s very helpful. Thanx.