Is Software Development Your Calling? — App Development

Is Software Development Your Calling? -- App Development

Recently, XDA Developer TV Producer Jayce has been talking a lot about App Development. He’s interviews people and spoke about different frameworks, like Xpo…

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25 Responses to “Is Software Development Your Calling? — App Development”
  1. TechTrendsIT says:

    Video is quite interesting even if you are explaining all the programming

  2. Alex Dennery says:

    that was the best song i’ve ever heard

  3. ciaramc29 says:

    The maths puts me off when I code and then getting stuck on a problem I
    will be honest I give-up. I understand what the lecture says but struggle
    understanding the questions we have to code from. I am kicking myself that
    I messed up 1st year and now feel I am too far behind to do software next

  4. Ai s says:

    Heh. Yeah. It is a great feeling that you pulled off something you worked
    hard for & other users appreciate it. Can’t deny I love programming &
    problem solving. It’s just fun. 

  5. Titty Sprinkles says:

    Hell i love meth 2

  6. Faisal Shaheen says:

    just like this guy but add some scripting (python , javaScript) , and an
    extra 2 years of only Linux :)

  7. gsharpshooter80 says:

    I started when I originally soft modded my first Xbox and my original
    purpose was to pirate games because my parents wouldnt give me money and I
    was to young to get a job and I found out what homebrew was and how was it
    possible to create your own homebrew apps to run on the xbox.

  8. SgtxVortex says:

    Fk that why i dint buy

  9. hafezi236 says:

    Ok, now I’m motivated. Thank you :)

  10. mbickerdike17 says:

    So Meth + Developing = ?? Lol

  11. FarFromLogic says:

    why the dislike, what type of person/troll bothers to instantly dislike a
    video, is their life really that boring, at the time of writing this there
    is just a single dislike and the video is very recently uploaded,

  12. Leo Hernandez says:

    I cant even find a school near me that teaches coding…so i need coding
    for dummies because i want to learn

  13. Yanko Alexandrov says:

    Happy happy developer :)

  14. penfold1992 says:

    yeah, i really want a job in programming in some way… i currently do VBA
    scripting in excel and LOVE it but i just dont have the time right now to
    learn some other programming language that is actually for building
    software… =(

  15. lordelisah says:

    I personally should thank Kaiser to hear that you don’t need math knowledge
    for programming. I knew it was so, I believed it should be so, but kept
    getting negative criticism when I told people I’m going to develop
    software. More and more vids please xda. You’re awesome.

  16. Tyler Benson says:

    the first guy is cool i would really like to get in contact with him..
    maybe exchange emails i’m just barely starting school for csis and plan to
    major in software dev.

  17. Alàa Mribah says:

    Best Rapper ever =)

  18. supbrotv says:

    yay the king of awkward is back!

  19. yiweitech says:

    I love meth too! But all jokes aside, great video

  20. mrgregeek says:

    start by learning python

  21. Xaekai says:

    I learned Basic when I was 5 on a Commodore 64. Bitches.

  22. Shiny Quagsire says:

    Exactly. I had a probability problem where I had to find the chances of
    someone picking a red, blue, green, or yellow hat. Who the heck picks a hat
    a random?! Just pick your favorite color gosh darn it!

  23. TheLastFoiter says:

    7:20 I love meth.

  24. Kosta Stanojlović says:

    Hey, I’m interested in getting into programming more, I do have some basic
    knowledge but I wanted to ask if Stanford’s Programming Methodology is a
    good place to start?

  25. BOBdotEXE says:

    you could start with basic, That’s what I stared with. You can even write
    code for the Ti-83+/84+ calc’s