iOS Programming Course 2012 – Lecture 1 iOS (Objective-C Primer)

Visit to attend the entire course. Today’s applications are increasingly mobile. Computers are no longer confined to desks and laps…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “iOS Programming Course 2012 – Lecture 1 iOS (Objective-C Primer)”
  1. n00b says:

    The hipster’s language

  2. Raymond Doetjes says:

    Great teacher. But what a shit-uggly language. The @ and the [] ugghh…
    What was Steve Jobs’ team thinking. This doesn’t add to readability.
    And I am even an avid Python lover so I am no stranger to weird syntax.

  3. Marina Olhovsky says:

    This is better than the Stanford tutorial

  4. Anastasios Savidis says:

    Gay speaker

  5. Rishub Handa says:

    I’m a 13 year old apple developer, but I can’t go to college yet to get a
    formal education of code. This is the next best thing. 

  6. benton202 says:

    stopp!!! my brains!! its one FIRE!!! STOPPPPPP!!!!

  7. Rachit Chopra says:

    Object C at 48min.
    You’re Welcome.

  8. mark lucking says:

    Good Lecture; Fast Paced; definitely not for beginners. Need to focus when
    your watching, think about something else just moment and you lost when you

  9. Gio Nadirashvili says:

    Amazing class. I really wish I had a teacher like him.

  10. Ganesh Prasad says:

    fantastic class, a clean enabler for a objective C beginners. Thanks a
    lot Sir !!

  11. Dave Albert says:

    I wish we had more professors like him in the world ….awesome lecture.

  12. dwayne herbert says:

    10 mins in and i can tell he is an awesome tutor

  13. Renato9109 says:

    First 30 minutes and I really want to have this guy as my teacher. Amazing.
    Thanks a lot.

  14. Dog Shit says:

    Awesome lesson!
    You taught me why I would never want to ever start objective c. Fuck you
    Apple for inventing objective c. Still like my mac though. <3

  15. GIGA AL says:

    These Computers From T.H.E Hell

  16. Chuck O says:

    I wish a had David as a teacher when was a student! He’s very good at
    vulgarising complexe things!

  17. banananana says:

    Unless it’s some other type of chalk

  18. domwindle says:

    Really good, you explain things in great detail. I look forward to watching
    more of these

  19. CodersExpo says:

    Oh….I want to add…there are quite a few changes in iOS 6 over iOS 5
    especially in memory management, explicit property synthesis removal,
    method ordering, data type declaration syntax, and so much more…but these
    are changes that are different now than what is discussed here in this
    lecture…so just keep in mind some of this is not relevant in iOS6 version
    but everything in this lecture IS still good and well delivered.

  20. ninjaweems says:

    Man I wish I didn’t slack off in high school and could’ve gone to Harvard!
    Great tutorial

  21. Dorian Mattar says:

    How do I transfer everything this guy knows into my damn brain NOW!! Where
    is the matrix when you need it?

  22. TheMidwestbear says:

    This guy is awesome.

  23. Christian Eriksson says:

    Is these programming steps for begginers or experienced users ?and is there
    a similar programming language for windows?.

  24. CodersExpo says:

    Very VERY good lecture David. Well done. Pointers and all the syntax
    variations right up to steps to implement dot notation. Excellent! I would
    suggest to anyone who plans to sit through this…READ first, a basic book
    or tutorial on c programing as well as iPhone iOS 6 Development Essentials.
    David moves along at a perfect pace IF you already have a good foundation
    in programming. I look forward to watching the other lectures.

  25. Gerald Lim says:

    Great lecture! I’m a Java/C# programmer and it’s extremely helpful that you
    drew similarities to these languages syntaxes.