iOS Application Development – Lecture 1 – Part 1

This is the first lecture for the Spring 2013 iOS application development class. It covers an overview of iOS development and an introduction to creating iPh…
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iOS Development: Introduction to XCode!

Welcome to the first iOS Development Tutorial! We will start off slow with this first one, but soon will build to more complex apps. I hope you enjoy the vid…

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11 Responses to “iOS Application Development – Lecture 1 – Part 1”
  1. vinoth kumar says:


  2. mykovn says:

    Is this an online class? Where do you teach?

  3. krisnrg says:

    It’s Mac OS X pronounced TEN… Roman numeral … Sorry pet peeve

  4. binarycoder says:

    that is a compliment by the way

  5. binarycoder says:

    Are human, you look like a human being, you sound like one but have the
    ability of a machine.

  6. Barbara Hecker says:

    Yea but a lot of folks are now saying x instead of 10.

  7. Lorenzo M says:

    Can you use Xcode on Windows using a pc emulator (like virtual box)?

  8. LIAM99 says:

    what other programs are there for windows

  9. Sir Jim says:

    Fo shizzle.

  10. oppentrapp says:

    This was really awesome! 😀 looking forward to the rest of this series!

  11. farve4ever26 says: