iOS 7 mobile substrate not functioning?

Question by Vassily: iOS 7 mobile substrate not functioning?
I jailbreaked my iphone 5 recently. Installed some tweaks that are working under ios7 (activator beta for ios7, swipeselection, and browserchooser). After a while, the tweaks stopped functioning (and they are not visible in the settings app). After some research, I realized that this malfunctioning was due to the “mobile substrate” that is not working.
What should I do? Wait for the update that evasion is working on? Or restore my iphone and rejailbreak it?

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Answer by Sam
Both Saurik and the Evad3rs team announced that Mobile Substrate is not (currently) working on iOS 7. The Evad3rs team released the jailbreak without giving Saurik time to prepare either Mobile Substrate or Cydia.

Mobile Substrate is a development layer and safety net that is required to run tweaks on Jailbroken devices. Without Mobile Substrate, tweaks will not work – and if they do, they’re extremely UNSTABLE.

On December 24 at around 8:00 AM EST, Saurik released an update to Cydia for iOS 7. As of the 24th, Cydia 1.1.9 is the latest version of Cydia which is iOS 7 compatible. In the release notes, Saurik said that “he needed to get [Cydia] out so he could move onto Substrate development…” This release only happened a few days after the initial iOS 7 jailbreak was announced. Therefore, I would guess that mobile substrate won’t be too far behind. You can probably expect to see a mobile substrate update by January 1, 2014 (or earlier – maybe even a week).

What should you do? I think the best thing to do is to wait it out. A mobile substrate update is on its way and should be here soon. It’d just be more trouble to rejailbreak later. Besides, Cydia has more than just tweaks! Jailbreak apps, mobile terminal, SSH, and things like that all still work (if they’re updated for iOS 7). You can also search Google for a list of “iOS 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks /apps”

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5 Responses to “iOS 7 mobile substrate not functioning?”
  1. Gareth says:

    There are issues with both Cydia and Mobile Substrate, and there are several posts online about it.

    Rough version:
    Evasi0n fell out with Saurik (creator of cydia) due to wanting to take a $ 1m payment by a Chinese company to install another AppStore alongside or instead of cydia only on Chinese devices (or those with Chinese as their primary language).

    Saurik was to launch a jailbreak with another Jb team after the new year, and evasi0n caught wind of this and released the Jb early with a version of cydia which wasn’t updated.

    They also didn’t tell saurik or the other big devs, so no apps or tweaks have been updated.

    Sauria released an updated version of cydia today which is visually different, but has admitted it’s a rushed release.

    Saurik is currently working on a new version of Mobile Substrate right now. Other devs are working on their tweaks and apps now.

    The JB was rushed and flawed. I have jailbroken my iPhone 4 on iOS 7.0.4 with the evasi0n7 Jb too.

  2. omar khalil says:

    I had the same Problem I removed Activator Beta But it was not the problem , i fixed it with reinstall Mobile Substrate and its good now if it didn’t help u just remove each cydia tweak and try to reinstall Mobile Substrate until you find out the uncompatible Tweak .

    I wish it was helping

  3. Premasif says:

    How to work on ios7 chid
    Please reinstall
    Weel loder ,mobile substrate & preference loder
    Then most of the tweak are working

  4. hoodsaibot17 says:

    Remove activator and reinstall Mobile Substrate.
    Again, DON’T remove Mobile Substrate or your cydia and whole things are gone.