How mobile technology could shape the consumer goods sector in the future

An infographic style video highlighting key mobile statistics and trends today and the potential impact on how technology will be used in the FMCG industry s…

Samsung Keynote @ CES 2013 - Youm flexible Displays OLED Display [HD]

Samsung Keynote @ CES 2013 – Youm Flexible Displays [HD] It was shaping up to be an hour that only a tech geek could love, until former President Bill Clinto…

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27 Responses to “How mobile technology could shape the consumer goods sector in the future”
  1. TheDystopiaInside says:

    Almost everything I can do on a smartphone is still easier with a computer.

    On-screen keyboards are a pain in the ass. Watching a movie on a smart
    phone? I don’t think so. Trying to get actual WORK done on a smart phone,
    or even a tablet for that matter? Nah. Give me a keyboard and mouse

    I have a cell phone, but I only use it for occasional texts and phone
    calls. I don’t check email for hours after getting up. I don’t need to be
    “connected” all the time.

  2. Maxwell Ramutla says:

    innovate everyday

  3. WeBeChillin420 says:

    rappers can finally put screens in their shower curtains

  4. Sad Panda says:

    that advertisement was worse than porn acting

  5. Tony Cocchi says:
  6. david more says:

    Where can buy it

  7. Celil Aykurt says:

    Samsung Flex Ekran Teknolojisi

  8. NathanDaNoob says:

    This part is so stupid. 6:48. The DS is already foldable! There is even a
    foldable Game and Watch! And you won’t be getting a girlfriend just because
    you have some foldable phone…

  9. gabe brandt says:

    just saying i am not a apple freak, but they said that 300 pixels per inch
    but the iPads have had 326 since march of 2012

  10. Le Keisan says:

    7:42 Pfft ! Guilty Crown.

  11. guittar green says:

    Steve Jobs

  12. Veilside Shaman says:

    Anyone know the ballin ass Asian dude that was talking at the start of the

  13. Isaac Arellano says:

    United States and China = Amazing technology
    Mexico and the United States = Immigrants and Drugs
    I’m Mexican

  14. morning morality says:

    technology slut

  15. WhiteWolfos says:

    so like…if it doesn’t break…lets hope it doesnt rip or cut…

  16. rojesh pariyar says:

    Finally found a phone that i can cover up my cock and put it to vibrate
    mode and call myself.

  17. CEOofYoAssHowrr says:

    I think Apple is better.

  18. Oskar Acosta says:

    7:40 THAT B!TCH.

  19. nzoomed says:

    This will mark the end of Apple!

  20. Krsin909 says:

    Sony created this before them.

  21. Luke Stanbridge says:

    So surreal

  22. Zariah Caleb says:

    And what if someone folds it completely?

  23. Gee - Life's Style says:

    Back In January at CES 2013 Samsung announced that they are working on
    flexible displays. At the show they showed off their impressive OLED
    prototype screen with an actual unit. They also showed a video presentation
    for the future of screens with a folding display mobile phone that when
    folded out doubles up as Tablet, taking the Phablet in a completely
    different direction to where it is now.

    Today a further announcement was made at the Samsung Analyst Day with a
    promise from CEO Kwon Oh Hyun that this technology will be in end users
    hands by 2015.

  24. Joseph Fisher says:

    3 sided display + galaxy note 4= End of Apple

  25. Hy Sy Fy says:

    Apple could be making flexible screen devices… If only consumers wants it
    to happen! Cause Apple love making devices that makes people happy and
    satisfied…. If not then they won’t do it. Samsung = more Apple = Better

  26. joachim vatle says:

    that’s the shitiest stage introduction performance ive ever seen.

  27. GRIN GO says:

    koreans cant make better phone simply because they are gooks dog eaters :)