Hillary’s health care plan ” might require garnishing wages” if they refuse to pay for health insurance!

Question by baserunner316: Hillary’s health care plan ” might require garnishing wages” if they refuse to pay for health insurance!
this is right from the news which you can check in yahoo. Is this REALLY what you want to lead america????????? When we allow big business to provide million dollar parachutes to screw up ceos why can’t health care be paid for with the profits of BIG BUSINESS? Trust funds?? Stock dividends??? Can any of you still buy that ” im a friend of the middle and lower class” crap of hers? Who do you think this plan is going to hurt? the same people it’s supposed to help!!! this is taxation without representation all over again! WAKE UP AMERICA!!
politician get their health care FREE! PLUS She and Bill are both MILLIONAIRES!! HOW does she get off deciding who can pay for what?? This is NOT going to help the middle and low classes!

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Answer by The First Dragon
Hmmm, you’ve got a good point there……. I think.
Garnishing wages seems a poor method for routine health care….
If people don’t want health insurance, why should they be forced to get it? Except for their minor children of course, unless they could afford any health care their children need.
But taking money from big corporations to buy health insurance for people who don’t even want it? That’s ridiculous.

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2 Responses to “Hillary’s health care plan ” might require garnishing wages” if they refuse to pay for health insurance!”
  1. Rock and Roll says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind refuse to pay for health insurance? I have great health coverage and I pay for it at work $ 75 a month. It’s always the bums who want everything for free that complain the most. Get a job and pay your share. WAKE UP HARD WORKING AMERICA!!!

  2. heyteach says:

    I found it here:
    She claims this is only for those who “can afford health insurance” but don’t get it.
    Be nice if she’d address the ACTUAL problems in health care instead of abetting the two villians:
    a meddling government that drives costs up and refuses to enforce antitrust laws or contract law against the greedy handful of insurers who control health care in the US.

    Linda Peeno, MD testified that SHE had often denied treatment JUST to save the insurance company money (http://www.thenationalcoalition.org/DrPeenotestimony.html)

    “the vast majority of health insurance policies are through for-profit stock companies. They are in the process of “shedding lives” as some term it when “undesirable” customers are lost through various means, including raising premiums and co-pays and decreasing benefits (Britt, “Health insurers getting bigger cut of medical dollars,” 15 October 2004, investors.com). That same Investors Business Daily article from 2004 noted the example of Anthem, another insurance company. They said the top five executives (not just the CEO) received an average of an 817 percent increase in compensation between 2000 and 2003. The CEO, for example, had his compensation go from $ 2.5 million to $ 25 million during that time period. About $ 21 million of that was in stock payouts, the article noted.

    A 2006 article, “U.S. Health Insurance: More Market Domination, More CEO Compensation”
    (hcrenewal.blogspot.com) notes that in 56 percent of 294 metropolitan areas one insurer “controls more than half the business in health maintenance organization and preferred provider networks underwriting.” In addition to having the most enrollees, they also are the biggest purchasers of health care and set the price and coverage terms. “’The results is double-digit premium increases from 2001 and 2004—peaking with a 13.9 percent jump in 2003—soaring well above inflation and wages increases.’” Where is all that money going? The article quotes a Wall Street Journal article looking at the compensation of the CEO of UnitedHealth Group. His salary and bonus is $ 8 million annually. He has benefits such as the use of a private jet. He has stock-option fortunes worth $ 1.6 billion.”
    –Save America, Save the World by Cassandra Nathan pp. 127-128

    And read on:
    “While growing into a colossus, UnitedHealth has repeatedly failed to perform its basic job of paying medical bills. UnitedHealth, which covers 70 million Americans, has been sanctioned in nine states for paying claims slowly; shortchanging doctors, hospitals, or patients; or poorly handling complaints and appeals.
    One Nebraska woman complained to state regulators that UnitedHealth’s computers had incorrectly rejected claims related to her son’s surgery six times.
    At one point, UnitedHealth owed Dr. George Schroedinger, an orthopedic surgeon, $ 600,000. He and his clinic sued UnitedHealth of the Midwest in 2004.
    Deciding for the clinic, U.S. District Judge Stephen Limbaugh of Missouri declared that the company’s claims processing systems were “flawed in many ways, denying, reducing, and improperly processing claims on a regular basis. And despite innumerable requests, United was unwilling to remedy the underlying errors in its systems” (Star-Tribune Dec. 12, 2007).
    Payment troubles continued after the verdict, and Dr. Schroedinger filed a second lawsuit. “These people can never get it right, which says to me that they just plain lie,” he said in an interview.
    Failure to pay isn’t the only complaint. The insurer also gives incorrect information on which physicians are in its network, creating enormous problems for physicians’ staff.
    The AMA said that no other insurer has prompted as many complaints as UnitedHealth about abusive and unfair payment practices. AMA officials have met with UnitedHealth executives 16 times since 2000, with little to show for it.
    “They have always got a new plan to fix it,” said Dr. William G. Plested III, past president of the AMA. But “nothing ever happens.”
    It seems to us that this case is just the tip of the insurance iceberg. More and more stories are appearing daily in the news media about how insurance company are instructing employees their jobs are to deny claims and/or delay payments.
    With such a high percentage of medical premiums and other costs going to the legal profession, to maintain compliance with endless government rules/regulations and being hoarded by the insurance companies and executives — is it any wonder medical costs are increasing so dramatically?
    It’s time to take a closer look at the medical insurance companies.
    UnitedHealth Group is not the first medical insurance company to rob patients, hospitals and clinics to pay obscene salaries to their executives.
    It’s a modern day robbing patients to pay pimps.
    Michael Arnold Glueck, M.D., comments on medical-legal issues and is a visiting fellow in economics and citizenship at the International Trade Education Foundation of the Washington International Trade Council.
    Robert J. Cihak, M.D., is a senior fellow and board member of the Discovery Institute and a past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

    Why is government constantly attacking the working poor at the expense of their “buddies”? IF insurance companies were paying legit claims AND turning a profit, that would be fine. Instead, they’re reaping vast sums of blood money at the taxpayers expense.