Define “Graphic Design”?

Question by Arsalan K: Define “Graphic Design”?
What is graphic design???
Is comuter must for graphic design???
What is the meaning of the word “Graphic”?????

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Answer by Lucy
graphic design is using photoshop or other adobe image program to create newsletters, business cards, business logos, etc.

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  1. Matty B says:

    Graphic Design was once known as “commercial art”, which meant art created for business, advertising or commercial use. Although the name has changed the principal is still the same. There was a time when Commercial Artists didn’t use computers, but now computers are a must for the graphic design industry.

    The software graphic designers use these day is pretty standardized and include programs like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Quark Express, Lightroom, etc.

    As for the word “graphic”, it’s a term that has come to be an umbrella term for “visual art”. In other words, graphic design is different from Sound Design or Interior Design.

    Today, graphic designers work on a variety of things including, brochures, logos, billboards, video games, film and television graphics, book illustrations, web design, product packaging…the list goes on. Even things you wouldn’t expect. Go into an American Eagle store and look at store. All the photos, signs, and even color scheme of the store itself was created by a team of graphic designers.

    Hope that helped.

  2. Stephanie L says:

    Graphic design is technical drawing using measurements for a perfect image and the computer bit is called CAD i did graphics and it was mostly using rulers, research,technical drawing and a bit of CAD