CIS 121 – System Development Life Cycle

A quick discussion of the activies and benefits of the system development lifecycle. Be sure to turn on captions. ‘Sorry about the weird numbers appearing –…

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25 Responses to “CIS 121 – System Development Life Cycle”
  1. Matthew Stewart says:

    Thanks for this helpful and informative breakdown of SDLC. I’ve got a
    Business Systems Management exam tomorrow and I needed something to brush
    up on my SDLC knowledge :)

  2. Spencer Benson says:

    superb planning and execution of your presentation Mr. Al Zimmerman . I
    like the crystal clear explanation, attention to every key detail and the
    flow of explanation,especially about how planning falls in to all the
    phases( my lecturers never taught me that). Best lecture I have ever
    listened to, and hey, it didn’t even last 30 minutes. looking forward to
    more of your videos Al. *subscribes pap*

  3. Avita Barnes says:

    That was a very good video/summary. Thanks for your expertise!

  4. candida sylta says:

    Very good explanation!

  5. Meshach Griffith says:

    grt Job 

  6. Mostafa Samir says:

    A very nice introduction to SDLC.

  7. munna kondaparthi says:

    Very helpful video.. The explanation was crystal clear !!! Looking forward
    for some more videos !! XxX thank you 

  8. nagarjuna reddy says:

    it was nice presentation waiting for more videos from you.

  9. Jacko Rosenior says:

    Thank you very much, you explained System Development very well, you even
    squeezed in a little ice breaker “Executicle”……:) ….lol. I will
    surely remember all you said because of that joke.

  10. Ray Tse says:

    Great talk, Thanks

  11. Gaffar Syed says:

    Thank you so much Al, I really like your presentation it was very clear and

  12. Lucy Bofin says:

    A really good summary :)

  13. Grey Shades says:

    One of the best overviews I’ve seen on Youtube. Thank you.

  14. anis dahri says:


  15. nidhi dubey says:

    Thank u,very helpful.

  16. Ranjith Kumar says:

    Great… Really superb:)

  17. md sajid hussain says:

    really something helpful… loved it!!:)

  18. ModelosPR says:

    Nice video. Thanks.

  19. Jordan Faris says:

    Over a year after you posted this, I have just barely discovered the
    absolute best video and phase breakdown description about the SDLC online.
    Thank you, sir, your hard work is much appreciated!

  20. Nessie Bermudo says:

    Great explanation! :) thanks!

  21. classic70s80s says:

    Thank you for creating it. You have a real talent explaining difficult
    topics. I enjoyed it a lot.

  22. Noor B. says:

    Thank you

  23. Seth Gunter says:

    Very helpful, thank you very much!

  24. aditya simha says:

    very helpful thank u very much, can u pls explain system development
    approaches tooo

  25. Keezeia says:

    great clear explanations, looking forward to more videos