Q&A: How should I try the $20 dollar trick?

Question by Ms. Keller: How should I try the dollar trick?
We booked a prestige luxury suite at Palazzo, then through their “suite-est rate” program got it upgraded to a prestige luxury view suite. Do you think I should ask for a complimentary upgrade or a complimentary upgrade to prestige fortuna view suite?
Does that seem out of the question? It’s the next suite up with a king size bed.

Let me know what you think. Also this trip is for my 21st birthday (2 weeks after)

Also, should I stick to $ 20? Maybe $ 50 or $ 100?

Please only answer if you know about this trick and hopefully have experience
I have read online where upgrades have been done. It is unnecessary to provide answers stating that it can only be done by managers

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Answer by Bob Urs
From what I’ve heard from the Palazzo, it’s hard to get a fortuna suite. But depending on how many days you’re going for, I’d say $ 50 would be better for the Palazzo. Also, make sure you let them know this is for your birthday, they sometimes make exceptions for specials occasions. I mean worst case scenario, they say no and give you back your $ 50.

Here’s a few more accounts of the $ 20 trick.



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Stupid CPAN Tricks (MadMongers Perl Meeting 2014/02/12)

Stupid CPAN Tricks (MadMongers Perl Meeting 2014/02/12)

JT Smith’s presentation on various CPAN modules. (Apologies for the abrupt ending. Camera ran out of space. Main part of the presentation is there, though.)

Tech Tricks: Episode 7 (Perl)

In this video we learn about the wonderful language of Perl. We create a hello world application and explore its beauty.

This Forum Nokia Developer Interview is with Developer and Forum Nokia Champion, Alessandro Pace, of Kero Mobile. In this video, Alessandro discusses how to …
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Any tips/tricks I can do with my Nikon d5100?

Question by Red: Any tips/tricks I can do with my Nikon d5100?
I’ve had this camera for maybe a year now, haven’t used it much (other than just high quality pictures) and I’ve used all the settings, but am just now getting into the MASP features. (manual, aperture, shutter, and program) What are each of them used for, how can I use them/change them, etc. I’m an amateur photographer, just taking artsy photos for my instagram (@/_redwonderland) and I really want to become more discovered. I think better and more unique pictures will help.

Best answer:

Answer by JOHN
I’m not avoiding the question, try buying a ‘good photo guide’ that will explain when to use the different settings, the settings allow for different levels of control, Aperture Priority allows control of the aperture for a desired effect, Shutter Priority allows control of the Shutter speed for a desired result, Manual gives you complete control of the camera settings and program tends to give an average between the aperture and shutter settings – a ‘guide’ explains in more depth when it’s best to use the different modes and usually illustrates the ‘effect’ with an image.

Please don’t be put off, it might sound a bit complicated, it isn’t really and once you understand it, it’s great fun..!

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useful tips to overcome negative thinking and start fresh on positive thinking?

Question by Natalie: useful tips to overcome negative thinking and start fresh on positive thinking?
I’m a 17 year old girl who’s diagnosed with depression that thinks so much negative thoughts and i have a nice,honest,caring,affectionate boyfriend who really cares about me and i want the best for us two, so i want to overcome my negative thinking and be able to control it so that i can start fresh on positive thinking in my life and be able to live a happy long life!! :)

Best answer:

Answer by Donna
Listen babe you have to start by loving yourself and appreciating who you are in spite of what people around you think because their opinion doesnt matter stick to real friends who care for you and dont pay attention to those who dont matter to you much take your inner and outter beauty and make the most outta them remain around positive people do what makes you happy find your motivation and take advantage of the love of your boyfriend to look on the brighter side of things remember positive thinking drags positive energy so there you go

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Advanced Php Programming Part 2

Using advanced php tricks and methods to create a todo maker , where we can create and manage our todo’s.

Makeup gets naked for spring with new nudes

Makeup gets naked for spring with new nudes
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Roger Ebert, A Fancy Cat And Freedom Rides: AFI Docs Announces 2014 Lineup
When he sees magicians' tricks of the trade being used by con artists like faith healers and psychics to bilk the masses, however, Randi dedicates himself to exposing them. APOLLONIAN STORY: DIRS Ilan Moskovitch, Dan Bronfield. Israel. For over 40 …
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To Wash or Not To Wash Your Levi's? Puretergent's Founder Weighs In
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Javascript Tips and Tricks

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Tips/Former Experiences on auditioning & making the cut in a college dance program (preferably the U of M)?

Question by agkit9: Tips/Former Experiences on auditioning & making the cut in a college dance program (preferably the U of M)?
Please just give me all the information you can!!! I would appericate anything specifically about the University of Minnesota’s dance program in recent years!

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Answer by mintchip49
I am not all that familiar with that program, however their website says “Auditions consist of a technique class in modern, African diasporic movement, jazz and ballet, a short student solo and an interview.” According to the website acceptance rate is 1 in 4 so the odds aren’t too bad if you are a decent dancer. My advice is always the same. Dance as cleanly and as strong as possible. Teachers look for clean technique over “tricks”. If you can always land a double pirouette in ballet and sometimes a triple, go for the double. Dress professionally which means black camisole leotard, pink convertible tights and hair in a neat tight bun with tons of hairspray. No jewelery, nail polish or extra cutesy dance cloths. Be aware of your spacing at the barre and in the center. Nothing looks worse than a dancer that has no idea how to space themselves and crowds other dancers. At the end, thank the dance mistress/master as well as the accompanist. A simple smile and thank you will do. Make sure you have someone help with your solo piece. Perhaps your dance teacher. Go to see a performance at the school so you can see the level of dancers and if it is a good fit for you. Good luck!

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Latest ‘visualbasic Tips And Tricks News

なお本Tips連載は、ある程度VBA/マクロが使える方を対象にしている。Excelマクロ/VBAの初心者の方は、「Excel … Visual Basicプログラミングと、マイクロソフト系の技術をテーマとした、書籍や記事の執筆を行う。 1950年生まれ。事務系のサラリーマンだった40歳から趣味 …
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