Why do the different mobile phones not interfere with each other even they have same antennas ?

Question by Name N: Why do the different mobile phones not interfere with each other even they have same antennas ?
Could you please tell me if antenna is getting all the signals but the circuit decides the frequency(as u mentioned), then why there is no interference between the cellphones in the same cell, although they have the same circuits?
I mean me and my friend in the same room using the same phone and calling people. I know for each mobile different frequency allocated. But hoe the phone differ thet. Dont they have the same circuit all the time?

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Answer by Gary B
Mobiles phones use “packet technology” to transmit data. Each “packet” of data contains an “address” of the phone it is being sent to. Your phone decodes ONLY those packets addressed to it.

The cell phone takes the sound waves of your voice and converts them to a digital signal. Those digital signals are then assembled into a “packet” of data. At the same time, the “packet” is given an address of the closest cell tower.

All the computers attached to the cell towers determine which phone the “packet” is going to, and the computers on the ground route the packet through the easiest network path to the cell tower closest to the phone being called. that cell tower then transmits the packet to the cell phone.

Since the “packet” has the “address” of only ONE specific phone, ONLY that phone can decode the packet. ALL of the other packets that may be floating around, even those on the same frequency, are ignored.

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Answer by Allen
You might want to look at different websites that are “anti-technology” such as http://wiredchild.org/ and books about the effects that technology has on society like “Bowling alone”
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I was looking to buy a Netgear N150 wireless router for my computer but then the description said ‘2.4GHz 802.11n draft 2.0 adapter, 802.11b/g wireless adapter or Ethernet adapter and cable for each computer’ so what does that mean exactly?

Also the technician said I would need some type of wireless access card but my boyfriend said that some computers come with the ability to pick up wireless internet if you have the wireless router..

So…what do I need to make this work?


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Answer by kim
you need the router to emit the signal from your internet connection and a wireless net work adapter to pick up the signal

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Mobile technology? what is it?

Question by Paaji!: Mobile technology? what is it?
Hi i am researching on the Topic “Mobile technology”. I need some info on what is it and what are its uses and how has it improved and eased our lives

Any info/photos/links will be greatly appreciated



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Answer by quila
Mobile technology is any device that runs on battery power and contains electronic components.

Examples of Mobile Technology: laptops, cell phones, PDA’s, GPS units, MP3 players.

It has increased our ability to communicate, to navigate, to do business at a faster pace. It allows me to talk to my mom in a different city while I’m taking the bus home from University.

In countries where it’s hard to put in telephone poles, mobile technology has allowed communities to get on the internet and get in touch with the rest of the world.

It allows mothers with small children peace of mind when leaving their babies at daycare, knowing that they can be reached if there’s an emergency.

GPS allows people to navigate through unfamiliar locations with ease.

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