Beginners Guide to Software Development – Part 1: Introduction

My video course to teach beginners all they need to know about software development. JavaScript programming, how to use the tools to code, the best practices…
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How To Develop Games & Software.

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19 Responses to “Beginners Guide to Software Development – Part 1: Introduction”
  1. Amine Bashir says:

    crap sorry, i just shared your video on my Google plus communities. you’re
    awesome dude and really helpful!

  2. Amine Bashir says:

    have every wanted to code? or develop software? but you don’t know where to
    begin or do? This guy is great! he has a series! everything is free! and
    hes really detailed and noob friendly! check him out! 

  3. .YunieQueen. says:

    Great series! I’m recommending this to beginners on my blog. Love your

  4. lazygenius123 says:

    I drink lots of coffee too. :-)

  5. Mygel Bergstresser says:

    Someone linked to this video on /r/webdev. This course is really going to
    help. Thanks!

  6. G420Law says:

    Hey Jesse. I wanted to say THANK YOU for putting up these videos! I have
    ZERO experience with programming but have jumped in head first. Now that
    I’ve found your videos things are FINALLY starting to make some sense! The
    way you break it down is spot on!

  7. Jessthemulest says:

    I like your videos but can you give educational advice to what I should be
    trying to do? Like what exactly do companies look for experienced wise?

  8. David Marks says:

    I am completely agree with those tool which you describe here. Because
    generally most of the developers either using visual studio or text editor.
    Here i have one query. Recently i found that people are making ecommerce
    site in various platform like xcart and magento. So can you tell me what
    tool should i have to use here

  9. Gab Jiao says:

    who has no notepad?

  10. Brian Carter says:

    Sounds like your saying bv.. 

  11. Brian Carter says:

    Very very informative!! 

  12. 和美悟 says:

    hahaha Microsoft knew that vista was bad they purposely made it bad so that
    most users (the technically challenged ones) would have to upgrade to 7
    just to get rid of it or did you not notice the no roll back function even
    if you reformatted the hdd

  13. crayz1978 says:

    Very informative great slide show

  14. MultiPwolf says:

    A lot of issues with this. I’m a beginner but even I can spot them..

  15. Andrew Laboy says:

    thanks for the birds eye view.

  16. Harry Bizalz says:

    Very informative. I am beginning a degree in software development soon and
    this has answered many of my questions.

  17. Edwin Francois says:

    Hey, you might want to fix the typo in the title. It should be “How To
    Software Develop” instead of “How To Software Development”.

  18. MultiPwolf says:

    Okay this was a total mess. Terrible

  19. zamiul Islam says:

    Thanks …Good