Android Development Fundamentals: What I wish I knew when I started

In this session from AppForum 2012, Marko Gargenta will get you up to speed on Android by giving you an overview of the platform in the context of an actual …
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Android Development Tutorial

Get the Code & Transcript: The fix for the Android Fragment Error is here : In this first part of my Android Development Tutorial…

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50 Responses to “Android Development Fundamentals: What I wish I knew when I started”
  1. Martin Lydon says:

    Android Fundamentals presented on an Apple machine. Ironic

  2. Kashyap Patel says:


  3. Peter Teoh says:

    your explanation are clear and concise, and systematic.

  4. TheOneSpam says:

    This was an excellent lecture about the fundamentals of app development! I
    am glad that I found it while I’m still in my infancy stages. I’ll
    definitely dive in and mist likely take another view of this video. Thanks
    so much.
    I’m just wondering about any changes that would have been made to utilize
    the Google Cloud Messaging Service. And along those line, how useful
    services are. ie) do they have to constantly be kept alive waiting for a
    push from the server or will they be able to handle onReceive() without a
    service constantly running…

  5. bkboggy says:

    Wow, priceless knowledge. Much appreciated.

  6. Johannes Teichert says:

    very helpful

  7. Ajay Kumar says:

    Great session and very useful to understand skeleton of android app
    programming. Thanks.

  8. Bartłomiej Antoniak says:

    good #android development overview

  9. Benjamin Heasly says:

    Thanks. Nice survey.

  10. Nusrat Setu says:

    Thanks , its very helpful and clears lots of confusion ..

  11. Tony Aloy says:

    Excellent presentation using very clear language and examples. Thank you
    very much Marko!

  12. Aishwar Muthuraman says:

    +1 That felt like a good quick overview of the major concepts in Android

  13. Joe Bennett says:

    Great video, Can you provide the slides?

  14. evideoviewer says:

    Working through code for Yamba from ‘Learning Android’ book. When I run the
    code it doesn’t display in the emulator. Why?????????????

  15. zeroxcub says:

    Thanks man, that was so clear and instructing 

  16. GDG Paris Android User Group says:

    MarakanaTechTV: Android Development Fundamentals: What I wish I knew when I
    started Android Development Fundamentals: What I wish I knew when I started

  17. Royce Barber says:

    a lot of fandroid people didn’t like your comment, but you kinda have a
    point. i’ve seen an increasing amount of people who develop android
    java/c++ apps from WITHIN android as it should be. the goal in my opinion
    is to not need a mac or pc or ubuntu, when android is linux and it’s plenty
    nice enough.

  18. relicstorm says:

    very good high level overview

  19. smottrel says:

    github com

  20. lalu225 says:

    Brilliant! Very informative and well structured!

  21. Dev Javnet says:

    thanks, it’s helpful!

  22. Royce Barber says:

    what is Admob anyway? i’ve seen an abundance of play store apps remove

  23. Hussien Khayoon says:

    really great stuff.

  24. krux02 says:

    it sounds pretty different when you have to develop an android app but do
    not own any android device or ever used one.

  25. Leonardo Salgado Aguayo says:

    i love u guys, really nice and helpful video. iam starting with this and
    comes perfect

  26. Christopher Bartholomew says:

    I had to refresh my Android Development skills to accommodate for the Glass
    GDK – this gentlemen, +Derek Banas, is amazing. The beginner tutorial alone
    answers so many simple – and general – questions that the Google Ref docs
    just gloss over.

    Thanks +Derek Banas for your hard work and time here – it’s truly

  27. zik1zik says:

    I am eating an Ice Cream Sandwich how funny is that? 

  28. tracksters3d says:

    This looks like an amzing tutorial but my eclipse doesn’t install/run right

  29. yusuf elhirar says:

    Hello Derek, I appreciate your work, and I just like it. I want to ask you
    about something? I saw in the folder of “gen folder” the file isn’t
    modifiable. Is it wrong and impossible to modify this file or not. Regards

  30. Roberto Fabrizi says:

    Hello Derek and thanks a lot for these tutorials!!! I’ve started from the
    basics, but I’m not really able to understand this issue. Btw, I downloaded
    Android Studio and it generates code a lil bit differently, not sure if
    it’s the newer android sdk or what.
    Anyways, here is the exception that I get at the end of this tutorial:
    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No view found for id
    0x7f07003c ( for fragment
    PlaceholderFragment{b1e383e8 #0 id=0x7f07003c}
    I can make this go away, but I’d rather try to understand why that happens.
    I pinpointed it to this:
    if (savedInstanceState == null) {
    getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction().add(, new P
    But other than that I’m a bit lost :(

  31. Daniel Galindo says:

    Hey Derek, not sure if you will see this but the app boots up normally on
    my device (not the emulator) but when I type text into the text field and
    press “send” nothing happens, the message isn’t sent to me.
    Just wanted to know your thoughts on what may have happened.

  32. Cloudbasestudios UK says:

    I can’t even import Veiw so yeah …

  33. Irish Carmine says:

    Hi, thanks a great deal for these tutorials.

    When I run it in the emulator, I type in message and then hit send and then
    a message box appears on screen and simply says “Unfortunately, First App
    has stopped”. Any idea what might be wrong?

    Thank you

  34. Kyle Bridenstine says:

    I’m testing the app on my Nexus 7 (my emulator never finishes loading, even
    after an hour it’ll still says Android) but the app shows up on my tablet
    and I can type text in our field but when I click send the program crashes
    and closes. Any ideas?

  35. Kyle Aisho says:

    Excellent idea to cram all of this in one space. It is great to remember
    what all the files do. I actually did it with the new Android IDE.

  36. mohd sheraz says:

    do you have to have any programming experience prior i have knowledge in
    java till object oriented programming only would it be enough :/

  37. Chris Wales says:

    Thanks so much! I will definitely follow these tutorials 😀 I know Java,
    but not in an Android context, so this will help lots.

  38. Benjamin Daschel says:

    This guy explains Android development really well. Worth the time to

  39. Pedro Inacio says:


  40. Jon Lopez says:

    I got nothing but errors and can’t even run the app.

  41. Adrian Georgescu says:

    Wow… many years ago I was learning to program in BorlandC++. In there,
    90% of the code was actually doing something. I see things have changed a
    lot, and now 90% of the code only helps the program to work at all… Good
    tutorial though! Makes thing much clearer.

  42. LShy3142 says:

    You’re some kind of genius!

  43. TheOldBoston says:

    Android development tutorial by Derek Banas

  44. Krazykirbyz says:

    hey man I’m just wondering, what software do you use to record your video
    on youtube?

  45. CribBoy9 says:

    Hey man i tried using android studio rather than all the hassle of eclipse
    and everything was going fine the code was the same but just different
    tools used to code, android studio is better imo but i got hit by a wall
    when i encountered fragments in android studio…. and i see that no where
    in your tuts.

    I know its alot but can you make tutorials using Android studio instead?
    Afterall it was made for android development.

  46. FEARbraveheart says:

    best, tutorial, ever

  47. Peter Teoh says:

    highly compressed….and productive for me to listen over and over again,
    without much time wasted. and i guessed u must done your homework very
    well reading off from a script or just memorising what u have to say. of
    all the educator i know…you are among the best!!! thanks for the effort
    u have put in.

  48. Uzoma Emuchay says:

    Hey at 19:24 when you typed in EditText I tried to import a library but I
    didn’t get the option to import library

  49. Michael Melatti says:

    App always crashes when I hit send…. I literally retried following this
    video and writing the code exactly, 5 times now… I have the added
    fragment_main.xml in my code. I also think I’m running kit kat 4.4. I’m
    pulling out my hair here!!!!

  50. Sam Sum says:

    thank you for the tutorial. it is very helpful.