Android Development for Beginners

All the Links are Here : The time has come to cover Android Development for Beginners. After reading hundreds of comments it has become …

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25 Responses to “Android Development for Beginners”
  1. Derek Banas says:

    Yes you can sell apps made in App Inventor on the Google play store.

  2. pqxxedf says:

    I’m interested in user input recording and playback. Mostly recording. It
    requires root, but it’s something I can’t live without.


  3. George Hayes says:

    Hi Derek. I have just been through your 1st video for beginners. Where do
    I get the files that you upload to the app? I GREATLY appreciate the
    series, BTW.

  4. Andrew Quebe says:

    +Derek Banas your tutorials have helped me establish a large library for
    all things code. Thanks a lot taking the time to make all these great

  5. dragonore2009 says:

    Can’t wait until you do Android games tutorial, but this of course needs to
    be first. Thanks again for a wonderful tutorial. 

  6. MintJustin says:

    I have some knowledge in Java but not much in Android platform. Should I
    start with this AI series or the other Android tutorial? Is the source that
    you can pull from AI reliable enough to first generate and fine tune later
    on with the SDK?

  7.  Holz kohlen says:

    Pff and I just basically waisted a few hours on android-sdk without getting
    nowhere and now I have this thing in a couple of minutes :/
    Well thanks, I’ll just subscribe for now and see how this will go.

  8. Stefan Banu says:

    when the android game series?Thanks

  9. Allen Law says:

    When you are finished making an app does App inventor give you all of the
    source code that it makes or does it just give you a finished app?

  10. Shakeeb Ayaz says:

    once again Android is back after long time

  11. simplecast simplecastic says:

    can you make games through this what about opengl is that possible 

  12. Ivan Douwes says:

    Can you use App Inventor to sketch out an app and then import it into
    eclipse somehow for further development?

  13. Derek Banas says:

    How to install App Inventor and then use it to make an app that uses GPS,
    Opens Dialog Boxes, Opens other apps, vibrates devices, plays sounds,
    converts text to speech, uses the accelerometer and more

  14. Antonio josh says:

    well.., i went from knowing nothing at java at all to having an app with
    geolocalisation, picture, audio video uploading to mysql server, chat
    feature, gps, image croping… in a few months…, are you telling me that
    i could have just dragged and drop it with that interface?

  15. invinciblekd says:

    Hi Derek, you have other playlist as well on android development . Shall I
    begin with this one or that one ? I am a beginner ! 

  16. MPTCE says:

    You are a genious ! God bless you ! ;)

  17. Sonya Gray says:

    Derek, this app is AWESOME! When I saw this tut series on your YouTube
    channel, I thought it was waaaay over my head as a beginner developer. But
    the app inventor combined with your knowledge makes it quite easy,
    intuitive and yes…fun! Thanks :)

  18. musaa moon says:


  19. Matt Schultz says:

    hey thats a nice house on 5719 hilltop ave

  20. Noe Ramirez says:

    Do use to have to code in Java while using App Inventor?

  21. Mohamad Hasan says:

    I want to make android games, what do i need to learn and where do i begin

  22. TRU says:

    will you cover how to upload to the android market

  23. alkolaqi83 says:

    you are awesome for making this stuff for free 

  24. Raphael Cacas says:

    This is great for many apps. I found this very useful because I was on a
    doubt if I will try to learn android dev because of its frustrating
    programming particularly on making complex games but this app inventor is
    like a visual studio with Xamarin I used in developing ios and android
    apps. Thanks man :D

  25. Sunny says: