Agile Quality Assurance in Software Testing

Leading Agile Quality Assurance initiatives has been a significant change from Andrew’s background in traditional waterfall development projects. For more vi…
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Software Testing (Software Quality Assurance) is a unique IT job market niche for those who have limited time frame to change career path to a well paid prof…
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9 Responses to “Agile Quality Assurance in Software Testing”
  1. Viktor Johansson says:

    Great tips from Andrew there! Very true.

  2. marylouphilipp says:

    nice software

  3. Eddy Parkinson says:

    I also like ‘Use Cases’. Working out what will bring benefits to users is
    one of the hardest and most valuable things you can do in my view. The
    simple way to control quality is searching for mistakes at each project
    phase. Make a note of your common mistakes and spend 3 mins thinking of
    ways you can prevent them. I would recommend reading a book or two on this,
    but with practice, quality control becomes easy to do. I like “Software
    Inspection” but there are many.

  4. maheryar says:

    The instructor gave a nice defination on difference between Software
    Quality Assurance and Software Testing but the example he gave regarding
    requirement is incorrect. He should give example on process.

  5. Mark Crowther says:

    In this video the difference between QA and Testing is discussed. Great
    comment on why we test when we don’t ever find all the bugs.

  6. lovelplants says:

    thanx. it’s like im having my training too..

  7. YUSHOP24 says:

    He should skip some chapter and introduce the Tools what can they do with
    it. As i had started i had not introduction! Just the Testtool and the
    application that i should test. The industry has no time for this chapter !

  8. YUSHOP24 says:

    @SoftwareInnovation I use documents! Also i make from use case a test case!

  9. Eddy Parkinson says:

    It shocked me to learn that tools are the least effective software quality
    control method. There is the idea “Burn the Document” that says it is
    cheaper to throw away low quality code and design documents and rewrite
    than it is to fix the mistakes. If you need quality, use reviews of
    requirements, designs and automated tests.