A Beginners Guide to Website Development

In this video you will learn how a content management system is developed, including databases, programming languages (server & local), web servers, the soft…

How To Make a WordPress Website - AMAZING!

Get Free Help: www.tyler-moore.com Learn how to create a 00 wordpress website in 1 hour step by step with no knowledge of how to make a website necessary….
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26 Responses to “A Beginners Guide to Website Development”
  1. Mike Stratton says:

    There are many, many aspects to website development. This video is just a
    small drop of knowledge in an ocean full of code.

  2. GrahamAndFriends says:

    thankyou for this video. I did learn alot.

  3. ExtremeSportsGaming says:


  4. Skopelos says:

    Hey Tyler…thanks for your video..!! What is your opinion on using Child
    themes in wp? Do you think you could do a tutorial on this..or tell us how
    maybe you could update a theme without using a child theme..?
    Thank you in advance..!

  5. André Niquet says:

    Very helpful … thank you so much :)

  6. IamTheStuge says:

    I rarely comment but that video is excellent. By far the best I’ve ever
    seen on how to create a website. Great job! Liked & Subscribed!

  7. mary lascaris says:

    +Tyler Moore are you sure this is free cause I am from Taipai and I cannot
    pay a USA dollar thank you 

  8. TigerLily Gonzalez says:

    Awesome. I learned a lot. Do you have a vid that explains the pros/cons
    to using wordpress vs. blogspot?

  9. Daisy Traveler says:

    You are a GENIUS and a WONDERFUL PERSON for showing us this AWESOME video!

  10. tobbie mercedes says:

    This Video Completed my Web-site and online Business! THank You! So So

  11. zebraman777333 says:

    Question, what program do you use to show what your doing on the screen, I
    have set my camera to my screen, but it always looks like crap, how did you
    do it?

  12. Jan Beckman says:

    Great step-by-step website-in-a-day guide.

  13. Jeffrey Rose says:

    When I press the control panel link, it says website not found?

  14. ben holland says:
  15. Chris Cardenas says:

    When I try to put the picture URL into the featured content area and follow
    your instructions precisely it still doesn’t work, I go to my home page and
    instead of my picture it still shows code. I am using a mac if that helps.

    I put /

    any idea what’s going on? 

  16. lyonn010 says:

    So can I sell using WordPress?

  17. Vincent Black says:

    Is this for WordPress.com or WordPress.org cuz i just found out thier are
    too wordpress sites or and are they connected to each other in anyway?

  18. susan schwartz says:

    I LOVE you Tyler Moore and no not a stalker just a very visual learner!

  19. Logic Da Beatman says:

    this helped me out so much. I was so confused about wordpress.org and
    hosting and i almost spent extra money and went with a wordpress.com blog
    and turned that into my website. Thank you so much for this again. 

  20. bob hosie says:

    Hey tyler, its me again! Can you tell me where you get all your graphics or
    photos for buliding a webstie?

  21. crni195 says:

    i have a question.. so if somone knows the answer i would rly like to reply
    how to setup your page so u have 2 languages?
    what i mean is that u have a litle icon at top with flags(lets say german
    and english), and if u click on german all of your content will be on
    german, and if u click on english all of your content will be on enlgish..
    pls help

  22. El Despertar Chilupiano says:

    What an amazing video…really you’ve helped so many with this!

  23. iKnowTheTruth says:

    How about SEO?

  24. NitroCorn says:


  25. Luna Fly says:

    I would like to start by saying thank you! You are a kindred spirit and a
    helpful soul to the masses! I have been researching for yrs. for my book,
    so it came to me to blog! Few questions.
    Should one start or maybe later do both Blog and videos equally?
    Essential to social medial sharing, is ie. Twitter, etc.????
    As I am researching something I love which makes time go by so fast, and
    while it would be wonderful to take less time at work to put my heart into
    this, I am not expecting this for $ yet that as well as freebies would help!

    So with wordpress.org. How many different pages would I get, as I would
    likely be “article” based! and do not want to be all over the place, as it
    appears here! There is much to be covered! Also within a sentence, can I
    make a word (I don’t know what you call it, but it is usually different
    colour which allows you to click it to go to that page! That is important
    to me!

    There is a niche, but is a little more complicated as this niche involves 3
    sub niches (I guess)! Also on buttons on top i.e., About, Contact, etc! Can
    those be changed to say fitness, diet, etc., if that was my niche? One more
    thing is, do you have any other videos of how to get a client/fan base,
    strategies for success? (hash tags, add ons work for a busier tarter
    budget! I do not have that much computer experiences but I will make it
    happen! as I have much to share!
    Thank you, Much love to you all!

  26. tobbie mercedes says:

    Tyler I cannot find the copy link to paste on my contact page that will
    create the little box for the contact to leave their information.