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US Secretary of State Addresses Conference of the Americas

US Secretary of State Addresses Conference of the Americas
It was the first state to pass a sensible healthcare plan in the United States, and I just read yesterday that the life expectancy in Massachusetts has risen markedly, definitively, since that has been put in place. So quality of life is up, and …

Could 'electroceuticals' soon replace drugs?
Engineers at Stanford University have developed a new technology that permits deeper, permanent implantation of microchip devices, paving the way towards a new field of health in which electronics could replace drugs. They have created a wireless …
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Look back: The 2014 election count in South Lakeland as it happened
New Tory councillor Kevin Lancaster – no stranger to the SLDC chamber – described it as the happiest day of his life. Andrew Gardiner, for the ….. The political system and councils may well not do everything we want all of the time but it cannot be …
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Why do the different mobile phones not interfere with each other even they have same antennas ?

Question by Name N: Why do the different mobile phones not interfere with each other even they have same antennas ?
Could you please tell me if antenna is getting all the signals but the circuit decides the frequency(as u mentioned), then why there is no interference between the cellphones in the same cell, although they have the same circuits?
I mean me and my friend in the same room using the same phone and calling people. I know for each mobile different frequency allocated. But hoe the phone differ thet. Dont they have the same circuit all the time?

Best answer:

Answer by Gary B
Mobiles phones use “packet technology” to transmit data. Each “packet” of data contains an “address” of the phone it is being sent to. Your phone decodes ONLY those packets addressed to it.

The cell phone takes the sound waves of your voice and converts them to a digital signal. Those digital signals are then assembled into a “packet” of data. At the same time, the “packet” is given an address of the closest cell tower.

All the computers attached to the cell towers determine which phone the “packet” is going to, and the computers on the ground route the packet through the easiest network path to the cell tower closest to the phone being called. that cell tower then transmits the packet to the cell phone.

Since the “packet” has the “address” of only ONE specific phone, ONLY that phone can decode the packet. ALL of the other packets that may be floating around, even those on the same frequency, are ignored.

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Tech Tricks: Episode 7 (Perl)

In this video we learn about the wonderful language of Perl. We create a hello world application and explore its beauty.

This Forum Nokia Developer Interview is with Developer and Forum Nokia Champion, Alessandro Pace, of Kero Mobile. In this video, Alessandro discusses how to …
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Latest ‘wireless Technology News

Wireless technology leads to a need for enhanced EMC tests and services
The wider integration of wireless technology into products has caused a shift in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test services from classic or non-wireless testing to wireless testing. This has resulted in a higher number of new frequency bands …
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Why isn't wireless charging a thing yet?
The technology is there. Whether it's inductive or magnetic resonance doesn't matter one bit to most people. What entices consumers is the notion of being able to toss down a phone, tablet and pair of wireless headphones on the bedside table and have …
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Wireless technology forums aim to go beyond jargon
Getting beyond the jargon and understanding what the wireless revolution means to Wisconsin is the goal of the Wisconsin Wireless Technology Forums, the first of which was held Friday in Sturtevant. Two others are scheduled for June 25 in Appleton and …
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Q&A: what is “system analysis and design”? define it.?

Question by cyra: what is “system analysis and design”? define it.?
is there anyone who knows the meaning of system analysis and design? please help me.. i can’t find it in the internet.. thanks!!

Best answer:

Answer by Chief02
This is part of the System Development Life Cycle. The analysis phase comes after the Planning phase. (Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation) System Analysis is the process of studying and understanding the current system in place, then coming up with the documents and ideas of the new system. Design includes the actual building of the new system.
Google, “system development life cycle” and you will be able to research.

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The impact of video games on business software design

One of the software developers at Widen Enterprises, a digital asset management software company, talks about video games as a source of inspiration for crea…
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Latest ‘cloud Computing News

Big potential in China's cloud computer market
The report, citing Wang Feng, manager of China Telecom's cloud computing company, said the global cloud computing business is on the rise and that China is one of the nations witnessing fastest development in the sector, Xinhua news agency reports.
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How Cloud Computing Can Bring The Voice Of The Customer Back Into
In contrast to SAP SAP's cautionary tale including the abrupt departures of Vishal Sikka, Shaun Price and continued attempts to recapture their customers' cadence, Salesforce shows how powerful galvanizing customer-facing systems are in redefining …
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IoT, cloud computing, nation-state threats redefining enterprise security
The session, part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan CIO Symposium Wednesday, covered a range of security issues, including cloud computing, emerging threats and data security. Companies using cloud services should review what …
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Three questions about OS and “current development of new information technologies”?

Question by majetn: Three questions about OS and “current development of new information technologies”?
Where is the operating system located?
I. It is stored on the hard disk
II. It is stored in ROM
III. It is part of an integrated application package
A. I only
B. I and II
C. II and III
D. I, II and III

What is the name of the process which loads the operating system into the computer and stores it in the main memory?
A. Initialising
B. Formatting
C. Booting
D. Processing


Which trend does not describe the current development of new information technologies?
B. Faster, cheaper, more powerful hardware
C. The merging of existing technologies to create new technologies

Best answer:

Answer by no1home2day
Yes, the operating system is, in deed, located on the computer.

Yes, there is, in fact, a process that loads the operating system into the computer and stores it in the main memory.

The last question is “E) None of the above”

If this is for a homework assignment (and it look suspiciously like it is), then please don’t have other people do your homework FOR you – what do YOU learn by copying someone else’s answers? That’s called “cheating”, and when I was in college, it was grounds for dismissal!

But what if someone DOES answer your questions, then if a similar question is on a test, and you’re not able to ask your questions here in Yahoo, what will you do?

I think it’s best you study, do the research yourself, and actually learn something. Nobody gets a free pass, and if you got a job and treated your job the same way, you won’t have that job for too very long.

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Website Development – 5 Step Process

Learn More: During this webinar we discuss the 5 essential steps for developing a new website or reworking an existiing site.
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